Jun 3, 2012

Maybe Last

Hey dear readers (Still wondering do i have a reader?)
Sorry cause i've been really lazy updating my blog here..
I've been busy i think? Maybe NOT, it's just cause i already had my driving license now
and man.. i went out almost everyday! every night!
From watching movies to hanging out and karaoke and other stuff~
Met new friends, still fat as i am.

Heading to college soon! Doubt i would be really busy with it!
Tons of assignments ahead of me!
But its for my future! Gotta get married, have a job, make a happy family!

Maybe this would be my last post for the rest of my blog.
I said maybe okay.. I wish blogger would still be active in the future so I can use this site
to let my children knows what their father was like back then..
Yeah.. from my broken Engrish days to my current absolutely fantastic well spoken English!
*HAHAHA arrogant as i am, im still a Grammar Nazi's towards my friends*

I barely step into the gym, God what happened to me being "i wanna slim down" guy.
I need to start thinking straight, no more excuses!
If a fat person becomes slim, SO CAN I!
I need to work my ass off for this!
I kept postponing this goal like forever now!

Oh, I'll promise you this *Pinky swear*
If i get the chance to slim down, maybe get in shape/being fit
(and No, i will not build muscle, maybe just abit just to get the glimpse of the 6packs)
I'll promise you, I will continue posting an article in this blog!
So i can assure you that I will get slim one of these days!
I just need some time and support for that to happen! :)

Thank you readers!
It's been fun writing and highlighting the "random" words in here
I'll not be going anywhere, just want to stop writing for a while.
I'll continue once i am ready to start writing again!
Bye :)

Oh ya, what would i do if i stopped blogging?

Im an active Twitter user, just tweet me anything, I'll reply to you in a minute :)
if i change my twitter ID, just search for Izhar Che Jamil

Since im using an iPhone4S, Im also an active Instagram user, follow me!

I am currently a semi-active Youtube user, I posted some videos of my Trips and Song covers!
As shy as i could get, Its time to step out of my cage and do something i've never done before!

Lastly, how can i not have a Facebook right? Add me, im happy to accept you.


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