Jun 3, 2012

Maybe Last

Hey dear readers (Still wondering do i have a reader?)
Sorry cause i've been really lazy updating my blog here..
I've been busy i think? Maybe NOT, it's just cause i already had my driving license now
and man.. i went out almost everyday! every night!
From watching movies to hanging out and karaoke and other stuff~
Met new friends, still fat as i am.

Heading to college soon! Doubt i would be really busy with it!
Tons of assignments ahead of me!
But its for my future! Gotta get married, have a job, make a happy family!

Maybe this would be my last post for the rest of my blog.
I said maybe okay.. I wish blogger would still be active in the future so I can use this site
to let my children knows what their father was like back then..
Yeah.. from my broken Engrish days to my current absolutely fantastic well spoken English!
*HAHAHA arrogant as i am, im still a Grammar Nazi's towards my friends*

I barely step into the gym, God what happened to me being "i wanna slim down" guy.
I need to start thinking straight, no more excuses!
If a fat person becomes slim, SO CAN I!
I need to work my ass off for this!
I kept postponing this goal like forever now!

Oh, I'll promise you this *Pinky swear*
If i get the chance to slim down, maybe get in shape/being fit
(and No, i will not build muscle, maybe just abit just to get the glimpse of the 6packs)
I'll promise you, I will continue posting an article in this blog!
So i can assure you that I will get slim one of these days!
I just need some time and support for that to happen! :)

Thank you readers!
It's been fun writing and highlighting the "random" words in here
I'll not be going anywhere, just want to stop writing for a while.
I'll continue once i am ready to start writing again!
Bye :)

Oh ya, what would i do if i stopped blogging?

Im an active Twitter user, just tweet me anything, I'll reply to you in a minute :)
if i change my twitter ID, just search for Izhar Che Jamil

Since im using an iPhone4S, Im also an active Instagram user, follow me!

I am currently a semi-active Youtube user, I posted some videos of my Trips and Song covers!
As shy as i could get, Its time to step out of my cage and do something i've never done before!

Lastly, how can i not have a Facebook right? Add me, im happy to accept you.

Jan 19, 2012

New Phone

Woo hoo! its about time to blog about this..
I know i bought it on the day of the launching which is way back last year!
Yes, last year! on December 16th 2011 - haha lame
It launched in Convention Centre by Maxis.
I've never ever would have thought that i, me YES ME! MYSELF would own such phone!
My mom would strongly opposed to what i want, basically in gadgets.
Man, seriously i like gadgets! But haven't own one so i think i cannot say that imma gadget guy myself since i dont own a nice gadgets right?

enough bout that, yes so i saw this launch on tv with my parents on December 15th.
The queue was like massive man, this was just a quarter of it.
I dont know why, but i went on December 16th which is the next day! at 9PM
There was no long queue! seriously shocked!
I was like, is the plan expensive? or they ran out of stock?
Because there is less people than what i was expected.
I expect something like the picture though, when we (me and my sister)
arrive, we smoothly went into the lines and register with the Maxis people holding the iPads.
After some times, i called my mom asking for her permission first before i continue with
the contracts and stuff..
The reason my mom wont let me get a new phone is because, she's afraid if i buy one,
my brother will get jealous of me and wanted a phone for himself!

So, i called my brother asking if he's okay with that?
He said he's fine with that. Plus he hates Apple although has a Macbook haahaha~
He even said that he was planning to get Android instead.

That was the ultimate green light for me to get an iPhone4S for myself!
after using this LG Cookie for 4 years already.. its time to change!
This was inside look! The hall is very huge!
I remember our number was 1042 if im not mistaken, when we went inside,
it was 1035 and somehow the numbers move so fast despite the number of counter is open!
We only waited for 5mins. Quite impressive.
That's the collection counter! Can you see? A B C D E F G H counters~
And i had to buy the screen protector at the orange pole there!
RM58 for front and back, i think its not that pricy and i got the clear one!
HAHAHA the guy had so much time putting it just the way how it suppose to
stick clearly without a bubble.. He sweats like so pro man!
Thanks to the guy though!
They even have a display for you try out first before proceed on payment.
Yeah.. they have 4 of this on the display table~ even have white colour.
I decide to take black one because firstly i dont like white and i know its more cool looking..
but as you can see, in the future it will become this yellowish colour which i dont like
so yea.. black seems okay though..
This is the "unboxing" of Apple iPhone4S
The box! very compact and heavy!
i carefully hold this one with my heart hahahhaha
damn once jatuh, habis pecah!
Shattered glass, who wants that right?
It has this backup app called iCloud
which i found annoying yet useful at first
It backs up your files by uploading it in your macbook while you're out!
Let say you take a picture then the picture will go straight into your macbook at home!
it uses 3G! alot of it! So, its useless for me since i sign up for 1GB a month.
Enough for FB,Twitter and Safari search only.
Some more we have to open our macbook at home without closing
I find that wasting.
If you're rich, then its another story of yours.
There's nothing much inside!
A phone, earphones, USB cable, Malaysian adapter,
sim card tool, manuals, stickers.

So yeah.. then the next day i had to get myself a backcover!
you know those back cover? Yes! had to get one to avoid scratches on the back!
Although its already protected by screen protector, just i want it to be double the safety :P
Plus the designs are more awesome right? Ke ke ke..

Head to Machines and chose Quiksilver one! since its my fav brand.
Didnt think of it at first though, i just want something simple and black! matches my phone!
So yeah.. i think its what i was planning to get really with fav brand! Woo hoo completed!
it says Hard shell.. well i dont know how to describe it in perfect detail but a..
its soft hard? and had this rubber feeling at the back.. plus it absorbs sweats ..
Well it does absorbs mine, i have a sweaty hands btw, yeah *blushing*
well not that too often though just when im nervous or when i think alot..

Skip that! so we reach the end of my story here!
So yeah had a new phone last year! *haha thats lame*
Aihhhhhh decide to blog bout this!

Till then~


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