Dec 7, 2011

My Name Got Stamped

Have you guys ever heard bout this Malaysian Blogger author Obefiend?
The owner of Blogserius <-----Click! Click! Click! *Open in new tab*

Well yea it started when i found this video on Youtube and 2 of my friends shares it on Facebook.
It attracted my attention since she's a little kid singing Ning Baizura's song.
Well duh.. who doesn't?
Just for the record, i tweeted the video and tagged Obefiend in the post!
Well yea.. we got a winner! He posted the video on his website.
And credited my Twitter nickname. Ain't that cool?

Well i just got a 5seconds of fame anyway. Not to be proud of or anything.
Hey its my blog! Thats what i do. Brag bout whats happening around me ;P

Well yeah. Do check out his Blog! its very nice blog with humour, reality and politics post.
Well mainly humour but its a nice blog to calm oneself down.
Do check it out yo!

Step 1: Tweet to Obefiend bout the video!
Step2: He favourited my tweet.
Step 3: He posted the video + Credited my Twitter nickname "KokonKola"

Btw, do Follow me at Twitter!

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