Dec 2, 2011

I'm Bacccccck

Yes! you've heard it right!
Finally my SPM is over as i took a leap out of my school for the last time
on Wednesday (December 30th)
It was a sad day for us as we are starting to go our own separate ways.

As my last paper(Biology) ends, we shouted our lungs out!
As we scream for freedom and happiness all at once!
We signed our uniform shirts with markers, some faded because i sweat too much.
Sorry man but i remember who signed it, your spot is right under my boobs,
I mean my heart :P

The awesome part was the Rugby guys doing the Hakka infront of the school!
That was so cool man~ and we celebrated with firecrackers!
Took pictures! Hugs and Shakehands! That was our last hang out as school friends~
Well some stayed to play football match for the last time.
It was a happy and sad memory i will never-ever forget my friends!
Thank you for the joy and laughter you guys have made and I really enjoy being entertained
by you guys and please stay safe although we are going on our own now.

Please kept this promise strongly, "Nanti kita boleh jumpa lagi.."
Because I will.

Once a Johannian, Always a Johannian!
Fide Et Labore

 Thanks to Syafiq Rosli,
Now we have this Varsity Jacket for our memories!
 Gonna miss you Jokers! Duke and Melvin.
 My cute friend here! Alan~
If CNBLUE comes to Malaysia, we'll go okay?
He likes CNBLUE :)
 Amazing prefects! Thanks for making the boys to be discipline
And to alert us when is the spot-checks!
Haha missing this already~
 Another jokers! I'll miss you guys!
You guys are a team! Wont ever forget your jokes! stories! ever~
 The most terrific Add-Maths teacher ever!
Mr.Ven and Pn.Haniza
Thank you so much for the techniques you guys have taught us.
Pn.Haniza teaches in Form4 while Mr.Ven teaches in Form5
This is my everyday routine and would be the last one.
Thank you for the memories Johannians.
Thank you St.Johns Institution
Fide Et Labore!

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