Dec 8, 2011


Woo hoo! Its time! Yeaaaaa~ Time to shine~~~~
okay NO.

So i am on the verge on getting my license L card!
My mum called a teacher that taught both my sister and brother driving
She's 68 years old and man she can drive fast. So F fast!
So she's my instructor. Thank God i can learn from someone who taught my sibling to drive
its like a generation teacher? Is it? Okay maybe no. But yea you get the idea.

Today my mom cooked Nasi Lemak for breakfast. It was spicy!
So i got a stomached. Went to the toilet and *pin-pin* comes the instructor!
She brought me to this driving academy called IMKEDA.
I just knew it stands for Institut Memandu KEndaraan DArat.
Hahaha well it was quite funny at first but arrive at 10AM
Damn the queue line was long! There's 3lines~
AUNTY SOON called me by waving and she said "Sini-sini.. haa beratur sini.."
She cuts the queue! by what? 30people or so..

So jyeah while queueing it was Hot and i used the "Instructions Book" to fan myself.
As i was sweating. Like wtf? Everyone was looking at me as they are not sweating.
Okay im so sorry but can you guys give me some space here?
I think AUNTY SOON saw me sweating, she ask the woman inside to switch on the A/C
Damn.. just a simple button, there's a cool breeze from the ceiling blowing my skin..
More like poking! Sejuknya!

Then its my turn!
Thumbprint and check I/C and receive a Red Card for driving.
Enter the seminar for 6HOURS! do you hear me? 6HOURS!
Then break time, saw my schoolmate! 2 of them! and both of them are in my class!
Haha what a small world~indeed. A small little world!
Yay! i have friends here! Bolehla mengumpat :P
So the seminar ends at 4:30PM
Thumbprint again, then can disperse.

AUNTY SOON! was there outside waiting for me. TEEHEHE!
She brought me back home around 5PM
She drive so fast!!
She's even cuter when she gave RM1 to the toll guy, and said "Makasiiiiih"
Then she drank mineral water+while driving on a bump,
she cough! sounds like "Ahikk-Ahikkk"

I think my license journey turned out to be "AUNTY SOON TO THE RESCUE" or something
I mean, she's there to help and give out tips.

Can't wait to pass my "Undang-Undang Test" next week!
Then i'll have to stay one more time for 6Hours seminar.
Damn. After the seminar would be the start of driving! L license baybeh!

Once arrive back home, she gave this "500 Questions Undang-Undang with Answers"
and said, "You baca semua, habis baca call ya? Bye-bye"


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