Jan 2, 2011

A Note For Unknowns

Dear visitors,

So What? The Crazy Issue will be on hiatus for a year starting
from 3rd January 2011 till the End of November.

Please do check my old post if you miss me :P

Kinda sad to leave like this.. but.. its for my own good list of 2011 resolution!

-Make A's on my SPM results
-Study in Korea
-Make parents proud
-New phone
-Ideal weight 65kg
-Ideal height 182cm
-Buy YG's Artist new release Album :)
-Get myself a Kokon To Zai bags and pants
-Jeremy Scott's shoes and shirts

Till then! ~ Will update this blog SSSssssooooOOOoooonnnNNN!

Annyeong Goodbye Adios ~ :)

1 comment:

 Nasha said...

Apa ni blog tak update dude! Kasi laa mantap sket


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