Jan 1, 2011

Many Style From A-Z

Lately i've been seeing many people (K-Pop Idols)
wearing KTZ's..

I got attracted by these products ~
Guess its fashion ayy?
If you wore it in Malaysia, people will criticize you badly!
unless you're in Korea, it's consider as normal clothing.

I've been wondering how on earth i should get a KTZ??
Searching online and bump on this one website selling KTZ's bag!

I like it..!
Waiting for my sis to proceed with the payment method soon!
Ahh.. i got myself a KTZ! This is awesome! :))

But, as you may not know, at Avenue K, there's a weird store called
MUSA Kuala Lumpur.. and i saw Kokon To Zai!
haven't got the chance to step in the store.. just pass by since im going to the gym..
Been thinking of asking one of the store seller, but aish..
dont have the courage..

well, as you know if the bag is available at MUSA's, i wont have to buy the bag all the way from Europe! i mean, its good right? since i dont have to pay for the Postage fees.

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