Dec 8, 2011


Woo hoo! Its time! Yeaaaaa~ Time to shine~~~~
okay NO.

So i am on the verge on getting my license L card!
My mum called a teacher that taught both my sister and brother driving
She's 68 years old and man she can drive fast. So F fast!
So she's my instructor. Thank God i can learn from someone who taught my sibling to drive
its like a generation teacher? Is it? Okay maybe no. But yea you get the idea.

Today my mom cooked Nasi Lemak for breakfast. It was spicy!
So i got a stomached. Went to the toilet and *pin-pin* comes the instructor!
She brought me to this driving academy called IMKEDA.
I just knew it stands for Institut Memandu KEndaraan DArat.
Hahaha well it was quite funny at first but arrive at 10AM
Damn the queue line was long! There's 3lines~
AUNTY SOON called me by waving and she said "Sini-sini.. haa beratur sini.."
She cuts the queue! by what? 30people or so..

So jyeah while queueing it was Hot and i used the "Instructions Book" to fan myself.
As i was sweating. Like wtf? Everyone was looking at me as they are not sweating.
Okay im so sorry but can you guys give me some space here?
I think AUNTY SOON saw me sweating, she ask the woman inside to switch on the A/C
Damn.. just a simple button, there's a cool breeze from the ceiling blowing my skin..
More like poking! Sejuknya!

Then its my turn!
Thumbprint and check I/C and receive a Red Card for driving.
Enter the seminar for 6HOURS! do you hear me? 6HOURS!
Then break time, saw my schoolmate! 2 of them! and both of them are in my class!
Haha what a small world~indeed. A small little world!
Yay! i have friends here! Bolehla mengumpat :P
So the seminar ends at 4:30PM
Thumbprint again, then can disperse.

AUNTY SOON! was there outside waiting for me. TEEHEHE!
She brought me back home around 5PM
She drive so fast!!
She's even cuter when she gave RM1 to the toll guy, and said "Makasiiiiih"
Then she drank mineral water+while driving on a bump,
she cough! sounds like "Ahikk-Ahikkk"

I think my license journey turned out to be "AUNTY SOON TO THE RESCUE" or something
I mean, she's there to help and give out tips.

Can't wait to pass my "Undang-Undang Test" next week!
Then i'll have to stay one more time for 6Hours seminar.
Damn. After the seminar would be the start of driving! L license baybeh!

Once arrive back home, she gave this "500 Questions Undang-Undang with Answers"
and said, "You baca semua, habis baca call ya? Bye-bye"


Dec 7, 2011

My Name Got Stamped

Have you guys ever heard bout this Malaysian Blogger author Obefiend?
The owner of Blogserius <-----Click! Click! Click! *Open in new tab*

Well yea it started when i found this video on Youtube and 2 of my friends shares it on Facebook.
It attracted my attention since she's a little kid singing Ning Baizura's song.
Well duh.. who doesn't?
Just for the record, i tweeted the video and tagged Obefiend in the post!
Well yea.. we got a winner! He posted the video on his website.
And credited my Twitter nickname. Ain't that cool?

Well i just got a 5seconds of fame anyway. Not to be proud of or anything.
Hey its my blog! Thats what i do. Brag bout whats happening around me ;P

Well yeah. Do check out his Blog! its very nice blog with humour, reality and politics post.
Well mainly humour but its a nice blog to calm oneself down.
Do check it out yo!

Step 1: Tweet to Obefiend bout the video!
Step2: He favourited my tweet.
Step 3: He posted the video + Credited my Twitter nickname "KokonKola"

Btw, do Follow me at Twitter!

Dec 6, 2011


It's abit late to congratulate this but, Hey! better than nothing aite?
Congrats to 2NE1 for winning fantastic awards at 2011MAMA!
it stands for 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards
They won Best Group Vocal Performance for their song Lonely.
And won one of three big titles at the event, Song Of The Year with I Am The Best.

They perform those two songs on the night itself.
Which was a coincidence and they dig an awesome performance!
They were the last! Was waited for their awesome performance from the start and I promise you
that it was worth waiting.
I'm a big fan, i'm still amazed by them.
They did not disappoints me one bit.
Thank you and congrats to that!

Heard main vocal Park Bom(Red hair) had a fever+cough during their rehearsal at Singapore,
At first they are planning to use a recorded version at 2011MAMA, I was so stress out bout this
But a day before the event, Park Bom tweeted "Don't worry fans, I'll be singing live!"
Thank God she's recovering and did very well performing.
I'll say they are the best at 2011MAMA.
No offence really for those who like other than 2NE1, im not cursing your artist,
Its my opinion on writing here since its my blog, you cant stop me :)


Another fantastic performance was Will.I.Am and Apl.De.Ap from The Black Eyed Peas
The performance was over the top!
And when they sang "Where is the love",
CL(2NE1 leader/rapper) is featured replacing Fergie.
Fans(included me) was shocked! and she did real good by recovering Fergie's spot.
She also raps Tabloo's part! (One of the Black Eyed Peas rapper)
She raps very well in English!


Nice right? Congrats to the other winners as well.

This is the award they win~



Dec 2, 2011

I'm Bacccccck

Yes! you've heard it right!
Finally my SPM is over as i took a leap out of my school for the last time
on Wednesday (December 30th)
It was a sad day for us as we are starting to go our own separate ways.

As my last paper(Biology) ends, we shouted our lungs out!
As we scream for freedom and happiness all at once!
We signed our uniform shirts with markers, some faded because i sweat too much.
Sorry man but i remember who signed it, your spot is right under my boobs,
I mean my heart :P

The awesome part was the Rugby guys doing the Hakka infront of the school!
That was so cool man~ and we celebrated with firecrackers!
Took pictures! Hugs and Shakehands! That was our last hang out as school friends~
Well some stayed to play football match for the last time.
It was a happy and sad memory i will never-ever forget my friends!
Thank you for the joy and laughter you guys have made and I really enjoy being entertained
by you guys and please stay safe although we are going on our own now.

Please kept this promise strongly, "Nanti kita boleh jumpa lagi.."
Because I will.

Once a Johannian, Always a Johannian!
Fide Et Labore

 Thanks to Syafiq Rosli,
Now we have this Varsity Jacket for our memories!
 Gonna miss you Jokers! Duke and Melvin.
 My cute friend here! Alan~
If CNBLUE comes to Malaysia, we'll go okay?
He likes CNBLUE :)
 Amazing prefects! Thanks for making the boys to be discipline
And to alert us when is the spot-checks!
Haha missing this already~
 Another jokers! I'll miss you guys!
You guys are a team! Wont ever forget your jokes! stories! ever~
 The most terrific Add-Maths teacher ever!
Mr.Ven and Pn.Haniza
Thank you so much for the techniques you guys have taught us.
Pn.Haniza teaches in Form4 while Mr.Ven teaches in Form5
This is my everyday routine and would be the last one.
Thank you for the memories Johannians.
Thank you St.Johns Institution
Fide Et Labore!

Jan 2, 2011

A Note For Unknowns

Dear visitors,

So What? The Crazy Issue will be on hiatus for a year starting
from 3rd January 2011 till the End of November.

Please do check my old post if you miss me :P

Kinda sad to leave like this.. but.. its for my own good list of 2011 resolution!

-Make A's on my SPM results
-Study in Korea
-Make parents proud
-New phone
-Ideal weight 65kg
-Ideal height 182cm
-Buy YG's Artist new release Album :)
-Get myself a Kokon To Zai bags and pants
-Jeremy Scott's shoes and shirts

Till then! ~ Will update this blog SSSssssooooOOOoooonnnNNN!

Annyeong Goodbye Adios ~ :)

Jan 1, 2011

Many Style From A-Z

Lately i've been seeing many people (K-Pop Idols)
wearing KTZ's..

I got attracted by these products ~
Guess its fashion ayy?
If you wore it in Malaysia, people will criticize you badly!
unless you're in Korea, it's consider as normal clothing.

I've been wondering how on earth i should get a KTZ??
Searching online and bump on this one website selling KTZ's bag!

I like it..!
Waiting for my sis to proceed with the payment method soon!
Ahh.. i got myself a KTZ! This is awesome! :))

But, as you may not know, at Avenue K, there's a weird store called
MUSA Kuala Lumpur.. and i saw Kokon To Zai!
haven't got the chance to step in the store.. just pass by since im going to the gym..
Been thinking of asking one of the store seller, but aish..
dont have the courage..

well, as you know if the bag is available at MUSA's, i wont have to buy the bag all the way from Europe! i mean, its good right? since i dont have to pay for the Postage fees.

2 0 1 1

Happy New Year!
God bless you all :)

So its new year!  Fresh start for SPM! The most important exam of my life
Have to study hard just only one year! Hopefully i will make my parents proud.
and to fulfill my dream to study in Korea!
Not going to online anymore! I'll leave my macbook with my bro ~
iPod on weekends ~ my phone.. we'll see bout that later ~

Yes! i will miss writing my personal stuff here in Blogger ~
till then, i will be on hiatus just for a year! and i will update everything here after my SPM!

Wish me luck ayy dear visitors ~

Oh and i heard that our Raya on 2011 will be the same date as Merdeka!
which is 31st August 2011
Is this true? Well if its true, my birthday will be in Ramadhan!

Yes, since i've joined Fitness First last October, so far i've lost 5kg.
The trainer said its normal to lose 2kg a month.
My goal is getting 65kg

Till then.. :)


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