Dec 15, 2010


Hana our should i call her Kak Hana!
In Korea, i should address her as Hana Noona!
She teaches me some simple Korean phrase like..

How much is this? = Olma eyo?
Please give me this one = Igo julseyo
Yeah = Ye
Nope = Aniyo
Thanks = Kamsa hamida
Whats up! = Anyong haseyo
See yo later dude~ = Anyo ngi gaseyo
Ke Ke Ke = Ke Ke Ke
Ha Ha Ha = Ha Ha Ha
:) = :)
:D = :D

simple stuff ~ its alot but i only can let you know some because i am bad
>:D puwahahaha!

She brought us to Namdaemun and Myeon-dong!
See, Namdaemun is a flea market where they sell many many stuff in cheap price ~
Its like petaling street in korea! the place is huge 3 times bigger and longer than petaling street ~
You can get lost in the market but thankfully Hana is with us ~ she knows the way!
Its a heaven for my brother since he can buy many things here for his friends and souvenirs ~
I bought nothing except food ke.. ke..
Hey! its Korea! we should taste their food as well right? :P

Then its Myeon-dong which is my favourite place! weeee ~
The place is similarly same as Namdaemun which is long and big walkaway streets but
but but ~ on your left and rights are branded stores! like..
SPAO, H&M, BSX, Uniqlo, Adidas Originals, Nike, Forever21, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Missha.. etc
i bought alot of things at H&M.. i mean there's no H&M in Malaysia :P
H&M is like combination of Pull&Bear and Topman ke ke.. The price is same as quiksilver but the designs is more..
Many shops like Uniqlo, SPAO and others has only jackets and those bubbles and sweaters
since its winter there ~ but H&M doesnt follow the seasons! It has summer wears which is what i was looking for ~ thats why i like it :)

Kuikuikui ~ Thanks Kak Hana for bringing us there!
She even brought us to eat Ttukbokki ! seaweed wrap! It was deliciousss ~ :)

lets move on! picture ! ! !

O Ya.. i forgot.. we mostly took videos but here are some pictures ke.. ke..
Lets go that Way!
Here? hhmmmmpphh...
With the Hat aunty! in the Hat shop :)
2 perverts in the Ttukbokki shop! :D ke.. ke..
That is Hana with my brother infront of our Guesthouse
the day before we went back to Malaysia ~

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