Dec 27, 2010

Drug Addicts

Was watching Korean Dramas
so addictive! :D

then around 6:30pm ~ Heard my aunt shouted infront of the gate.
Calling my mom's name.
I hurriedly stood up and press the gate button.
Her voice was cracking and i saw her shirts and pants been torn ~
I was like... oh my god??
She look terrified ~

She got robbed. Infront of my neighbours house.
I felt so pity of her. She just lost her favourite Longchamp handbag.
I know its not a big thing, but she bought it in Paris, so i was
like ahh.. kesian nya..
She look so pale and was out of breath..
She got minimal injuries on her hands and legs ~
although it was scratches, it bleeds ~ so pitiful

It started when 2 guys wearing black shirts asked her, "Where is Taman Saujana?"
She replied, "Tak tahu.."
Then one of the guy pulled her bag and another guy kick her..
I mean who on earth would do such a thing?
Thief/Robbers won't hurt people, they just snatch things silently ~
This must be one of the drug addicts ~

Luckily she said, she had RM20 in her bag and all the credit cards and phones ~
Most importantly our house keys in that bag as well.. This creeps me out lah..
Who knows one of these days they will enter our house.. haishh need to change the locks!
Tomorrow will change everything!

But sadly, her Longchamp handbag was a limited edition type ~
My mum ask me if i could sms her phone and said, "Tolong pulangkan handbag"
I was like.. "Maa! later they will spam my phone! Why dont you use yours!"
My mum was like,"Nevermind :)"

To the people who robbed my aunt. Screw you!
You guys are Muslims, at school we learn Pendidikan Agama Islam..
for what? for being afraid of sins! What would you expect by robbing someone?
Oh, got a handbag! yay got RM20 and credit cards? happy??
We'll see one of your fmaily members will get more trouble than my Aunt.

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