Dec 12, 2010


Things that i bought at the concert! Ke.. Ke..
G-Dragon_First Live Album_Shine A Light
SE7EN_First Mini Album_Digital Bounce - Sign by him :)
Taeyang_First Album_Solar - Sign by him :P
PSY _Fifth Album_PSYFIVE - Sign by him :O
2NE1_First Album_To Anyone - Sign by CL the baddest female 
BIGBANG_2010 Live Bigshow Concert DVD
Gummy_Mini Album_Loveless
From Top Left:
 2011 YG Life Diary, 2NE1 Light stick, Bigbang Light stick, 2NE1 Poster,
2011 YG Life Wall Calendar, Bigbang Bandana,
 2NE1 Jacket (They wore on Clap Your Hands Live Performance)
Second/Third Row Left:
Psy CD, Gummy CD, 2NE1 CD, G-Dragon CD, Taeyang CD, SE7EN CD,
2NE1 Blinking Light stick,
 Bigbang 2010 BigShow Concert DVD, 2011 YG Life Table Calendar,
Crown Head, 2NE1 Mug, YG Family Towel, Dara Fan, Minzy Fan 

Heard them all ~ I Like Gummy :)


Anonymous said...

Erm so isit that the concert sells all this lightining stick 2ne1 things all this??

Izhar Che Jamil said...

Yea. But i bought the albums because i wanted their signature. I mean its better than signing on a piece of paper right? HEHE.

rinie said...

where do buy the dvd?? i1m from malaysia also and i dont know how to buy those cd

Izhar Che Jamil said...

rinie: I bought it in Korea. You can buy it via but need to have Paypal account!
Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! How did you get CL's autograph? Did you go to their concert or something? Thanks.

Izhar Che Jamil said...

Yes! I went to the 2010 YG Family Concert!
Sorry for the late reply, you can ask anything on my :)
i blog about my trip to Korea too!
You can check it out :)
It's titled "Life in a Refrigerator".


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