Nov 15, 2010


Okay i personally dont know what ULBS means ;)
I pronounce it as "oo-l-bs" :D
It supposed to be "you-el-bee-es"
nahh whatever! and its in English!
our class teacher, Miss Ellina ask us to do a Drama out of it!

ULBS - i dont know what it stands for, but it is something we(individually) had to do to increase our marks in exam(SPM)
For example : speech, drama, choral speaking.. etc

Our class had to do a Drama based on the story "Gulp And Gasp" by John Townsend
Since you dont know the story, I'll let you know the synopsis :)

This is a melodrama about a villain, Lord Septic who is greedy for more power, money and fame. He is even capable of committing murder to get what he wants. He owns the railways and is after the Gatsby gold. Crouch, Lord Septic’s manservant is a big bully. Rose is a damsel in distress who meets Percy, the hero. They fall in love and he rescues her from a bloody death at the railway tracks. Later, Percy learns he is the heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything.

If you wanna know more about the drama, you can ask Mr.Wikipedia :)

Basically, we just had to act out the drama!
Miss Ellina want to play fair, so she decides who's on who's group
One group = 7 members
Im with the Indians and Chinese :) I like it because they are very good at acting and planning things!
After we decide who's playing Percy,Rose..etc , we have to memorize the script!
Thats all! O Ya! did i mention, they assigned me as "The Props Guy" and "Extras"
All i have to do is creating and bringing the props to school..
Man.. I've done so much! I bought all the props almost MYR50
Not to brag, but its for the marks! :)

Okay, im gonna stop here and post up pictures of my classmates!

They are practicing.. 16SX
Mr.Yuva here playing dressing up :D
Practice makes perfect! Muwhahaha..
Mr.Tan is memorizing the script
Puan Darmy with her new-do curly hair and showing off her sexy lips
My group! we got 27/30.
Mr.Yuva as Percy
Lord Septic: Such a pity young lady, waiting to die.
As the Lady Gatsby(owner of Gatsby Gold) 
A box named "NSL" is placed on the "locker" of the train station.
As fast as lightning! Percy grab and ties Lord Septic and Crouch.
That's the end of their life! Waiting for the cops!
Percy: Oh Rose! I found the gold!, we can share it!
Percy: Oh Rose! I Love You!
Rose: Tee hee.. (twisting her hair)
Percy: Oh Rose!
Rose: Hee Hee..
Rose: *psst* geli la..
Percy: Hehe..
Thats the end of my group!
Will post up others on ULBS Part II
i think you already seen it,since its above this post :)

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