Nov 28, 2010

No Talent

Seriously i was reading forums.. its was fun :)
you can search forum lowyat at google.

coming from no where, my brother took my mom's camera and stand beside me..
i thought he was checking the battery of the digital camera or viewing the pics,
instead of checking, he snap a pic of me..
zzz! yeah ze ze ze!

It was 4am and im 30% awake
I was reading this one..

Believe it or not, i read everything!
from page 1 to page 115
i know i know.. such an inappropriate  way to waste 3 hours of time :)

Hey want to win something? 
Guess what's my background picture! on laptop..
I know its tough! But the prize is quite reasonable :)

Comments here or chatbox! :)

Clue : YGE

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