Nov 3, 2010


Okay so today, more like tonight..
my sis brought me and my bro to this dance class.
It was a workout dance called Cardio Dance
the genre was Hip-Hop!

You know, i've always wanted to do something hip-hop!
Clothing? Wait till i had on my Small size first!
but before i went rapping, i had to learn the dance first..
the moves was quite hard for me, i mean it was my first time..
the class consist of 14 people i think..
because were in groups of 2 and 7 in each.

The so called trainer? Or dancer?
Ahh! the Choreographer! is friendly! He even..
yea.. HE!.. Can you believe it?
Dont think bout negative stuff because he dances to Hip-Hop only..

It was quite amazing since we all can learn all the steps in half an hour..
The class is due to one hour.
He even showed the moves slowly so we can catch up!
But its was 4x faster when the music is on!
I cant really concentrate since i stand at the back ~
I mean, i do, but.. some parts is too hard to combine..
the legs and hands, slide to the side, and slide back !
Confusing but once you get used to it, Its fun!
The dance is really awesome if we dance from the top till the end.
A good way to kept your body moving, i mean the moves helps you sweat..
A..LOT!! Really!
They turn on the AC but you woudnt know its on!

Yea.. what else?..
O Ya! after the Cardio Dance, we decided to continue to the next class
which is Body Combat class!
It was like a self-defence class..
Its more to punching and kicking!
very very very exhausting indeed!!
and alolololot!! of sweatss..
When we did our punches, the instructor yelled HAIYA!
or WACHA! ahh.. its annoying at first, but i get used to it later..
and this class has many patrons :)
bout 30 people.. so its a little space for us to kick and punch but no one got hurt..
So i guess its okay ~

Well, we'll going to work this out again next week! and so on ~
Cant wait for the holidays!

O Ya! To my friends and humans who celebrated Deepavali..
I wish you joy and happiness  :))

Till then.

p/s: not in the mood to colour my text :))

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