Nov 28, 2010

No Talent

Seriously i was reading forums.. its was fun :)
you can search forum lowyat at google.

coming from no where, my brother took my mom's camera and stand beside me..
i thought he was checking the battery of the digital camera or viewing the pics,
instead of checking, he snap a pic of me..
zzz! yeah ze ze ze!

It was 4am and im 30% awake
I was reading this one..

Believe it or not, i read everything!
from page 1 to page 115
i know i know.. such an inappropriate  way to waste 3 hours of time :)

Hey want to win something? 
Guess what's my background picture! on laptop..
I know its tough! But the prize is quite reasonable :)

Comments here or chatbox! :)

Clue : YGE


I was googling facebook..
and funny thing is that.. i found a picture of me..

it was fun.. i stucked while sliding those colourful sliding slide.

Nov 15, 2010


Okay i personally dont know what ULBS means ;)
I pronounce it as "oo-l-bs" :D
It supposed to be "you-el-bee-es"
nahh whatever! and its in English!
our class teacher, Miss Ellina ask us to do a Drama out of it!

ULBS - i dont know what it stands for, but it is something we(individually) had to do to increase our marks in exam(SPM)
For example : speech, drama, choral speaking.. etc

Our class had to do a Drama based on the story "Gulp And Gasp" by John Townsend
Since you dont know the story, I'll let you know the synopsis :)

This is a melodrama about a villain, Lord Septic who is greedy for more power, money and fame. He is even capable of committing murder to get what he wants. He owns the railways and is after the Gatsby gold. Crouch, Lord Septic’s manservant is a big bully. Rose is a damsel in distress who meets Percy, the hero. They fall in love and he rescues her from a bloody death at the railway tracks. Later, Percy learns he is the heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything.

If you wanna know more about the drama, you can ask Mr.Wikipedia :)

Basically, we just had to act out the drama!
Miss Ellina want to play fair, so she decides who's on who's group
One group = 7 members
Im with the Indians and Chinese :) I like it because they are very good at acting and planning things!
After we decide who's playing Percy,Rose..etc , we have to memorize the script!
Thats all! O Ya! did i mention, they assigned me as "The Props Guy" and "Extras"
All i have to do is creating and bringing the props to school..
Man.. I've done so much! I bought all the props almost MYR50
Not to brag, but its for the marks! :)

Okay, im gonna stop here and post up pictures of my classmates!

They are practicing.. 16SX
Mr.Yuva here playing dressing up :D
Practice makes perfect! Muwhahaha..
Mr.Tan is memorizing the script
Puan Darmy with her new-do curly hair and showing off her sexy lips
My group! we got 27/30.
Mr.Yuva as Percy
Lord Septic: Such a pity young lady, waiting to die.
As the Lady Gatsby(owner of Gatsby Gold) 
A box named "NSL" is placed on the "locker" of the train station.
As fast as lightning! Percy grab and ties Lord Septic and Crouch.
That's the end of their life! Waiting for the cops!
Percy: Oh Rose! I found the gold!, we can share it!
Percy: Oh Rose! I Love You!
Rose: Tee hee.. (twisting her hair)
Percy: Oh Rose!
Rose: Hee Hee..
Rose: *psst* geli la..
Percy: Hehe..
Thats the end of my group!
Will post up others on ULBS Part II
i think you already seen it,since its above this post :)

Nov 6, 2010

Tan Ku

Tan Ku Tan Ku So March!!
Its thank you thank you so much
(for those who cant read my language) :P

Your the best visitors ever! :)

Lucky Number 2NE1

Nov 5, 2010

Deepavali Charity

So today is Deepavali!
as an interactor of st.johns, i had to come and help out all the disabled folks from all over KL
Arrive in school at 7am!
they came to my school by their busses and vans, some vans had this machine for wheelchairs
which is cool because its my first time seeing it live :P
then had to push them to the front. Wheelchairs people are like VIP's
Today is their day :)
Then many busses starts coming in..
So far a total of 800people came..

and the guest of honor is Datuk L.Krishnan and his wife.
Im sorry i dont know who he is although he is a "Datuk"
I thought that he is a director or a film producer or anything that has to do with Malaysia.
My mind was vibrating :P
He came with an old stretched Merce. Nice ride btw :)
His wife is so so pretty. Fair skin and pretty!

I helped the old folks by assist them to the toilets and help the blinds as well.
For the womans, I had to take them to the female ones.
Its quite far from the tabernacle but they say its fine.
I felt pity for them to walk so far because they wanted to use the "seated" ones.
If they are fine with the hunker ones, i will take them to the male ones since its bigger and the nearest.

When 30% of people starts to wait for the event, I served them Milo's..

After all the people came in, i started serve the foods, it was Nasi minyak and Ayam!
It must be delicious since its cater from a mamak restaurants.
I cant eat that - on a diet :)
So I serve them, and its very chaotic because some of them wanted to bring back home,
i mean we got enough one for everyone, you know what i mean?
But at the end, we actually do have extras! we have bout 40 more..
I felt bad.. because they are disabled people and they cant even cook at home..
So.. i felt so bad.. sorry!!!

On the top of that! we serve drinks, Laboost cup-type drinks,
Got 1 row of indians haven't got the drinks, one woman asked me for the plain water and she said she felt very dizzy and wanted to take panadol.
I said, "Its finish but madam  sit down first, I tried to search for it"
So i went searching all around the tabernacle and found one! I was like "yes!"
It was in a "blind people" area, So i asked their permission and they let me have it.
Im so happy and ran back to the indian lady and gave it to her.
Her expression was like, "Oh My God! Thank You So Much"
She even said that.

Then, its ice-cream for everyone! It's twice the chaoticness because as you can see there's alot of childrens kept running and stealing the ice-cream from the box that im holding.
Its abit frustrating but we had alot back in the refrigerator! So its okay..
Serve Serve Serve.. some of them don't have spoons so i had to went back and take the spoons..
even the bus and van drivers come and take them from me. I was like..
"your not disable, can let me distribute this to your lovely passengers first before i gave them to you?"
They thought that the ice-cream would run out.
But i stayed calm because we do have alot of ice-cream.

Move on! i serve them Nescafe's but they wanted Milo's
Im like.. "Sorry Sorry Sorry" -_-
and the kids start to run and took them from the mini stalls..
They drank Nescafe's! Can you believe it?
I mean for 4 year old kid to drink Nescafe is not healthy!!
They would not give a shit!
Ahh nasiblah, for sure you guys would be fully awake malam ni.

Then its cake time! i did not distribute it since the CBNers would like to gave out ~
So I tried to let them sit and stay calm, because its Freakin HOT!
God its summer everyday in Malaysia.
Tourist how did you guys come and visit here?
I know its Truly Asia but still.. its HOT!

Then, Datuk L.Krishnan would like to gave out $$ for disabled people..
We had to ask them calmly to line up and the kids.. ooo my gahh!
running there and here.. Now i know how parents felt :)

I did not eat for lunch although i had cornflakes for breakfast at 6am.
It was very tiring and exhausting.. plus the canteen is closed!
Didnt bring water! gahh so thirsty.. Manage to find one cup of Laboost water underneath the boxes..
I felt like, i was bout to faint since i had asthma
But im like, What could've happen if i fall down? Chaotic moments! So i called my mum to pick me up at 12:30 at noon. It was Friday so had to went back home for Friday prayers.

My parents arrived and they brought cold water!
Im like, Thank God! and i drank the water without stopping..
Felt very refreshing!

I learnt my lesson today!
-Charity work is 30% fun, 50% tiring and 20% frustrating
-Standing underneath direct sun would gave you sunburn and 10% chances would gave you skin cancer so be careful!
-As an interactor, i felt were abit closer as in my interact members.
-Can wear jeans to school! or anywhere! :)
-Sweating is like normal
-Prepared tissues! a..lot!
-Bring bottled water! a big one!
-Life with no Facebook is something new.

You should try it! :)


Hehe.. Just trying to update my blog with an ipod at starbucks. Damn so bored without FB! hey atleast i have a life now ;)) its been great lately! Saturday quiksilver day!
Woohoo shop till i drop ;))

Nov 3, 2010


Okay so today, more like tonight..
my sis brought me and my bro to this dance class.
It was a workout dance called Cardio Dance
the genre was Hip-Hop!

You know, i've always wanted to do something hip-hop!
Clothing? Wait till i had on my Small size first!
but before i went rapping, i had to learn the dance first..
the moves was quite hard for me, i mean it was my first time..
the class consist of 14 people i think..
because were in groups of 2 and 7 in each.

The so called trainer? Or dancer?
Ahh! the Choreographer! is friendly! He even..
yea.. HE!.. Can you believe it?
Dont think bout negative stuff because he dances to Hip-Hop only..

It was quite amazing since we all can learn all the steps in half an hour..
The class is due to one hour.
He even showed the moves slowly so we can catch up!
But its was 4x faster when the music is on!
I cant really concentrate since i stand at the back ~
I mean, i do, but.. some parts is too hard to combine..
the legs and hands, slide to the side, and slide back !
Confusing but once you get used to it, Its fun!
The dance is really awesome if we dance from the top till the end.
A good way to kept your body moving, i mean the moves helps you sweat..
A..LOT!! Really!
They turn on the AC but you woudnt know its on!

Yea.. what else?..
O Ya! after the Cardio Dance, we decided to continue to the next class
which is Body Combat class!
It was like a self-defence class..
Its more to punching and kicking!
very very very exhausting indeed!!
and alolololot!! of sweatss..
When we did our punches, the instructor yelled HAIYA!
or WACHA! ahh.. its annoying at first, but i get used to it later..
and this class has many patrons :)
bout 30 people.. so its a little space for us to kick and punch but no one got hurt..
So i guess its okay ~

Well, we'll going to work this out again next week! and so on ~
Cant wait for the holidays!

O Ya! To my friends and humans who celebrated Deepavali..
I wish you joy and happiness  :))

Till then.

p/s: not in the mood to colour my text :))


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