Oct 23, 2010


And the time has come! for me... to slim down!
Thanks mom :))
So me and my bro register as a normal member in Fitness First Maxis to be exact!
we want.. actually i do.. want to lose weight seriously!
i mean wearing size XL from 9years old till now is abit annoying..
hey! im 16 turning 17 in less than 3months.. seriously need to get in shape :)

My Goal is to get in size M. and 30-32 for jeans :)
Its consider normal since my height is 178cm.
Ideal weight is 80kg. Currently 90kg but i wanna be somewhere around 77kg
erm.. no reason, its just a nice number :P

Already started like 2 weeks ago ~ but just had the urge to post this :)
yeah.. for a normal member without a trainer is consider reasonable..
if you want a cheaper price, you just have to go to the gym everyday!
you would feel its cheaper! seriously, unless your busy and went 3days a week,
you would feel its expensive, but only go if you had to.
Oh ya! for first timer, you'll be given a free 1 sessions with a trainer.
You can choose, but just 45minutes. I mean its free.

This is my gym schedule,
Monday : 3-5pm
Tuesday : 2-430pm
Wednesday : 3-5pm
Thursday : No Gym (Tuition)
Friday : 3-5pm
Sat & Sun : Too crowded + Had Facial Treatments

Reason i chose around the afternoon is because after school, i could just went to gym without my mom picking me up and she had to send me back like 3 times back and forth.
Furthermore, it has less people! Good thing! can go to Sauna and Steam room!
Usually the gym would be crowded around 6pm.
If i went at night, would be really tiring and cant do any homework.

Had to buy a running shoes for this! Wanted Nike but,
One of the trainer recommend Asics. Because when your doing cardio on treadmill, the Asics shoes will bounce back so it has some good benefits. And it cost around RM400
Thank god that day happens to be iSetan Members Day!
got 60% so evil ritee..  >:)

I've always do 30minutes of cardio on treadmill.
Starts with 5mins walk, then 5mins jog
then walk and jog till the end.
After that i went for something cycling - 10minutes
then go steam room for 5minutes!
thats it!

i mean its for starters.. pretty good ey? :P
owh ya! at the so called "resting area", they had so many drinks for us
i mean, whatever you want you can have it! soft drinks,tea, hot water, fruit juice.
i wont take soft drinks since i burnt calories already.
Always took mineral water and sometimes 100plus.

Wanted to go in the cycling classes but all the classes starts at 7pm.
And earliest is in the morning around 10am.
No time. Later in school holidays i go lahh!

Im 90kg. We'll see in a month does gym affects me or not :)

Oct 4, 2010


it was not my brother who did this, it was his friend.
It was an accident mistake, she send me a message in FB,
yea.. she, can you believe it?.
anyway won't delete this article below here, because its the writing of anger after incident..
kekeke :D

4 Oct 2010.
Yes got good and bad news!

Firstly, why dont we start with bad news?  :)
My so called "nice and kind" brother, just BROKE MY MACBOOK!
yea, so called being careless and pathetic..
i won't swear at him, because im not that type of person.
Im just being mad because, i thought i can thrust him.
Who wouldn't thrust his own blood brother?.
Now i know how it feels like when someone you thrust actually disobey.
Gahhh.. its a present from dad!
Why can't you just take good care of it because you are the one who BORROWED and USED it!

He has his own macbook! but my mum wanted to use it to watch movies.
As you know, 15" is abit wider than mine.
So he has no laptop for college use.
You just started!! I mean what could you do with a laptop at college as a freshmen?
Everytime i see the history, always pop up:
-Forum Low Yat
-Taylors College website

Whats the point of bringing the laptop to college??
Your not even studying or researching, but instead used to chat.
HELLO!! You have a blackberry! Cant get enough of it?
To show off is it? Because its APPLE products. Pfft i know, i know..

Teenagers at our age do stuffs carelessly..
Hey i said teenagers, thats me.
But you! Your a freshmen! 24 Years old and counting..
Old enough to take care other people's stuff.
Not by ruining it! All i can say is THANKS!

Plus! why can't you just told me the truth? Is it so hard?
So hard to say, "Ya, abang terjatuhkan tadi, sorry".
Is it so hard??
What's the point of saying "Ha? Taktau.. Abang tak pegang pun dari pagi tadi".

Hey, come on, you brought to college and didnt even touch it?
Such a bad liar.

Well the good news is that, i have found a prove that he did really use my macbook this morning,
You really saved my life. Yea, no doubt its him of course.
And he said he didnt even touch this morning right?
Well people say "Action speaks louder than words"
Why don't i change it to,"A picture speaks louder than words"

He starts using at 8:16am and ends at 9:56am

Next time, Don't Lie and Take Good Care of Other people stuffs.
And ask for permission.


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