Sep 3, 2010

Why Oh Why

Officially hates Apple!
apparently Mr.Steve Jobs is too smart to came up with something new and it can be done at the early year of 2010.
They trick us. I mean, I just bought the so called "new" 3rd generation iPod touch from Apple like in January. Of course its new. Not till now.
The new iPod Touch is incredible!
Just the same and the new features is crazily awesome!
CAMERA! front and back!
even can record a video in High Definition!
so so so jealous and so so so hating it!

Dont worry my iPod Touch! u wont be replaced :)
Imma nice owner :P
But maybe soon u will have a brother :)
Ow Yea.. a big brother! i called him i4 :)
Know what i mean? ;)

This tons of words just pop up in my mind when i open
just to see things.
And please do support Apple! Its the new generation of music portable around the world maybe? i suppose? grrr duh..

There's 2 new ipod's which includes Touch and Nano!
Im just bragging bout Touch rather than nano because ive not yet experienced/used nano before so i wouldnt not know what or how to say :P

Just to add, NANO is cute and cool ! :)

Check it out here!
APPLE <- click click!

and you wanna check out the price? its freaking! cheaper than my iPod Touch
omg.. speechless..
old iPod Touch - 1.2k
New and AWESOME - 1k

Apple Store MY <- click click!

Sad Sad Sniff Sniff.

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