Sep 6, 2010

Exchange Student

Well i didnt had the chance to talk about my friend here.
So here goes nothing..
Its already been like two months! since he stepped into St.John Institution.
His name is Ramin Krause, prefer calling him Ramin.
an exchange student from Cologne, Germany.
Welcome! or should i say willkommen :P
He is 16 and he is tall.

First day of his school life in Malaysia is very different he says compared to cologne
i mean well, asians wear uniforms. and its hot here 32 degree celsius
since he is the same age as me! the form teacher decided to put him in my class
since my class is the first science stream of form 4.
he stayed for about two weeks and half. And then he got transferred to Lower sixes.
Maybe because of the differences in education? Well not sure why he got transferred anyway..
Well since he is new, he brings dictionary to school and also a novel in german which we all dont understand (of course -_-)

Many of my classmates ask him a favor to translate some english words in german!
which is very nice! but as u know..
it didnt turn out to be the way it should be..
they ask to translate F*ck, B*tch, etc . . .
Dont get me wrong, there are some nice words such as I Love You!, Teacher!, etc
Then he tell couple of story, more to comparing KL and Cologne.
Its okay! every tourist does that! even i do when i went to Aussie.

On that duration, those two weeks and half, me and him never spoke once!
even though we sat next to each other in the Chemistry lab.
I kinda felt, there's nothing to say, and should i say something?
I felt so dumbfounded, i mean i wanted to say something like, do u like staying here?
have you ever tried seafood? okay this is definitely nonsense!
Most of the questions pop in my head had already been answered.
Okay not the seafood part, but.. yea.. pfft ~
Not only me! Impressively, Melvin Pereira the noisiest guy in class also havent talk to him since he stepped into our class
all he did was watching everyone talked and laugh with Ramin.
and that goes the same for me.

I talked with Melvin, in assembly:
ME: Dude whats wrong with us?
Melvin: Tah? I also dont know whats wrong with me?
ME: Its like our mouth been zipped or something, aku memang taktau nak cakap apa dekat sebelah dia..
Melvin: Dont ask me, when im standing beside him in assembly the other day, i felt something i wanted to ask.. but when i open my mouth
ME: There's a blackhole!
Melvin: babi kau! no lar, i mean, when i open my mouth, no words coming out.. macam out of breath
ME: you suck.
Melvin: you too mother****er! (and then starts rapping)
ME: AHA! try rapping with him
Melvin: haha babi.
ME: macam mana kau nak cakap dengan orang bila kau ingat babi babi babi. kau ni memang babi hitam lah hish!

Then he make this weird looking scary faces that you've wished you had a nightmare?
I wanted to laugh, but somewhere and somehow i heard a voice saying,
"if u laugh, u die"
So i replied the same face that he do to me. Okay weird.
Form teacher come and dismissed us ~

But seriously, saya tak pernah cakap dengan dia.. pelik kan?
tried adding him in Facebook but still "awaiting friend confirmation"
did he ignored? Nah, whatever.
He had a blog! Tumblr. He wrote all bout his life in Malaysia
i find it really interesting to read, i mean, what he thinks bout the price range,
the culture here, the buildings and the food! hahaha!

You! yea You! can visit his blog at the right panel here ---->
And if you rather wanted to see what he caught using his camera,
you can visit his Flickr at
*i wont put flickr link on the right panel here.*

Introducing Ramin.


marissa said...

handsomelaa.. izhar mintak number dia.. number bilik. huhhu

Izhar Che Jamil said...

hahaha, dia guna iphone kot. haritu sekali masa PJ, izhar tak pj, izhar jaga barang barang budak like wallet and phone ada 5 dlm pocket -_-"
dia bawak iphone dgn camera, i took advantage of snapping pic :D tangkap tiang sekolah, tangkap kaki kawan!, tangkap pasu! and and lantai sekolah for no reasons :D

dah keluar topic! nak hp number? mintaklah sendiri -_-
try adding him in FB or pergi Tumblr dia :)

Izhar Che Jamil said...

number bilik? oh ya, dia tinggal dgn host family dia dekat keramat. rumah banglo milik taktau :D
ada 8 people in family, 2 host parents and 5 older host sisters and 1 younger host brother.
rumah ada 16 bilik. dia cerita dlm tumblr dia.


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