Sep 6, 2010


Well today was the first time in Ramadhan, i break fast at a restaurant.

Plan just to accompanied my bro buying t-shirts at klcc.
But it turns out that i was the one who bought more stuff then he did.
Okay.. weird huh. I just cant stand seeing good pair of jeans, shorts and shirts!
just gotta have em! only if! there's my size! :D
thats a good thing though, if i like that jeans and it cost around 400 bucks! i would ask for the size first!
if its not available or sold out, Thank god! coz it saves money!
usually good looking pair of jeans always no size for me!
looks like i gotta hit the gym! yes indeed!
after raya will go there with bro to shape up!
Okay enough of bragging ~

After break fast at San Francisco Coffee, we went iSetan saw some cool and much cheaper shirts
my bro bought one checkered long-sleeved shirt from CrazeeCausa! not bad.
After that we wanted to go up, but suddenly we lost-tracked and went down -.-?
you know its Level G! = Fragrance section!
its not a bad thing but you know.. those salesgirl always annoys me ~
and thank you guys for giving me a headache -.-!
then we passed this Ralph Lauren section, ive always wanted to smell or just to know the differences between Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4!
Tried smell all of em!
So far i liked #1 and #3
I just cant choose which one? Sniff Sniff Sniff ~
#3 is the winner! So i bought 75ml for RM170.
Got 4 miniature perfumes + RM10 voucher from iSetan.

Then, my bro also wanted to buy one of these..
He said he liked the #1 because its abit mild then the current perfume that he has at home!
But there's only a big size at RM223. Conversation starts!
Salesgirl: So for #1, we have only the 150ml for RM223.
Bro: Aww man, i thought that there's a 75ml bottle.. i want one for me!
Salesgirl: wait ar, i try calling my friend at parkson there.
*toot toot*
Salesgirl: Okay! come follow me
*walk walk* - she walk very fast! its like from isetan to parkson in 20second.
Salesgirl: Here you are!
Salesgirl: Okay so you have a 75ml bottle of #1 and 3 miniature bottles! and double RM10 from Parkson!
Bro: Okay thank you!

Then its 9pm, walk and go in Zara, alot of people buying the same thing.
Saw some rempits coming in, and we went out ~
Went up to quiksilver find nice pair of shorts! like it alot ~
but my bro said that i already had alot of shorts.
Come to think of it, yea i do. -_- byebye good looking shorts.
We went through all kinds of stores from Machines to Nike, Adidas, Stadium
more like a window shopping!
Then passed Giordano, saw some colourful shorts and shirts!
went in and bought a pair of jeans and pair of khakis.
just to cover up! i mean i had to buy something! :P

Went back and goes to bed at 11pm!
Then i dreamt something unnecessary things!
woke up at 3am! eat sahur! and then sleep!
cant wait for Raya this friday!
O Ya! before raya, just cant wait for the arrival of Fujifilm Instax!
I'll be waiting! :D 

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