Sep 3, 2010


Ahh today was the best day!
School Holiday starts tomorrow! for 2 weeks!

Today, class teacher gave us "duit raya"
even though its not much, but well its the first and last duit raya from my form teacher
i mean, its my first time receiving the money from a teacher since primary :)
yea enough of that!

People asked me, "eh kau dah beli kasut raya belum?"
I just cant answer them,
I only said,"aa, nantilah"
I mean.. Do u have to?
I have my 1 year snicker, still in good condition.
Its Converse Jack Purcell.
And not planning on buying new one.
I dont know bout u guys but, maybe were not the same.
O Ya! i hate being around malls when its SALE!
Ramai gila orang.. maybe some of u know what its like.

And some of em asked me,"baju raya colour apa?"
Im like,"Aku tak beli lagi,nanti lah decide"
Just cant concentrate in studies with tons of the same questions.

To say it nicely, every year my family will go this store called
somewhere near Jakel at Capsquare there.
My dad likes the quality and the colours and all.
Its expensive but we get discounts since my mom knows the owner.
And to tell the truth, we went there every year a day before Raya!
Crazy and rushing right..

Im not the type of people that buy stuff monthly.
I mean, kalau benda tu tak rosak, just use it!
dont have to buy new one. and continue buying it

i admit i like shopping but not so addicted.
imma shopaholic at noon :)
i mean, when some people still sleeps, i shop! :D
around 11am to 2pm.

O Ya! many people asked me,"Eh jom buka puasa dekat luar"
Sorry! Not my type at all.
I rather eat at home, mom cooks the best! <3
I just dont understand you guys!
when its not ramadhan, i ajak u guys makan dinner dekat luar,
and u guys cakap tak boleh? parents tak bagi?
and yet you guys invite me for buka puasa?
not to brag, but i just hate going out on puasa.
other than ramadhan, im ok.

Hooo Haaa Hooo Haaa...

Before raya, i just want to buy this camera.
Just for taking memories and this camera looks ugly
but it produces good quality picture!

What im so excited was the day before raya, 2NE1
will released their first music video from their upcoming 2nd album
and yea, i cant wait!
just the 30second teaser already made me addicted already :P
I mean, c'mon ive been waiting for them almost a year and half!
cant wait any longer :)
Raya with new songs! kinda cool awesome :)

and check this out! its Will.I.Am
look what he says..
Cool right?? Will.I.Am with 2NE1
:) sorry wonder girls ~ byebye.

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