Sep 13, 2010

Tu We Ni Wan

Oww Yeah!
They are back! Im excited! :P
PAUSE the song up above and LOAD the videos below
hey! im being nice here! :P
I usually put URL links, but instead i put videos! :)
Enjoy! Tell me your fav at the comment box! :D

Music Videos

2NE1 - Clap Your Hands (Bak Su Cho)

2NE1 - Go Away

2NE1 - Cant Nobody

Live Performances
2NE1 - Clap Your Hands Live

2NE1 - Go Away Live

2NE1 - Cant Nobody Live

Trip To McD's

So its 2nd day of Raya!
We went shopping at klcc and pavilion followed by Sg.Wang
Then we went Shisha at Al-Rawsha, playing UNO as well..
We played UNO from 11pm to 2am, which is awesome...
took some pictures and then, we went to McDonalds ;)
Its drive-thru so, were supposed to get our orders ready..
but thinks dont turn out so well :P
Look its on video!! :)

Sep 11, 2010

Little Preview

Okay, Raya Day was quite noisy and fun! so much story to tell and bragg :P
Photos? Here is a little taste of a sneak preview of photos from today! and its from my new Instax!
I know its small, but its a preview anyway ;)
Bigger photos will be uploaded tomorrow, sorry for some difficulty of tiredness ~
Photos will also be uploaded on Facebook as well ;)
Stay tuned!

My Family :D

My siblings and Aunt!

Me and TOK! <3

Sep 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Yes! here's my first video appearance or some people will called it VLOG :P
Dont judge a book by its cover! :P
My first time.. ugh.. any wrong doings or whatever you have to say,
just comment on the right side here ---->

I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize all of my wrong doings or words that may hurt you guys or someone. Please accept my apology!
Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Gonna upload photos soon!!
Maybe from digital, maybe from Fujifilm Instax! :P

Okay maybe i lied, thats a sneak preview video! :P
Will upload soon! ;)

Sep 6, 2010

Exchange Student

Well i didnt had the chance to talk about my friend here.
So here goes nothing..
Its already been like two months! since he stepped into St.John Institution.
His name is Ramin Krause, prefer calling him Ramin.
an exchange student from Cologne, Germany.
Welcome! or should i say willkommen :P
He is 16 and he is tall.

First day of his school life in Malaysia is very different he says compared to cologne
i mean well, asians wear uniforms. and its hot here 32 degree celsius
since he is the same age as me! the form teacher decided to put him in my class
since my class is the first science stream of form 4.
he stayed for about two weeks and half. And then he got transferred to Lower sixes.
Maybe because of the differences in education? Well not sure why he got transferred anyway..
Well since he is new, he brings dictionary to school and also a novel in german which we all dont understand (of course -_-)

Many of my classmates ask him a favor to translate some english words in german!
which is very nice! but as u know..
it didnt turn out to be the way it should be..
they ask to translate F*ck, B*tch, etc . . .
Dont get me wrong, there are some nice words such as I Love You!, Teacher!, etc
Then he tell couple of story, more to comparing KL and Cologne.
Its okay! every tourist does that! even i do when i went to Aussie.

On that duration, those two weeks and half, me and him never spoke once!
even though we sat next to each other in the Chemistry lab.
I kinda felt, there's nothing to say, and should i say something?
I felt so dumbfounded, i mean i wanted to say something like, do u like staying here?
have you ever tried seafood? okay this is definitely nonsense!
Most of the questions pop in my head had already been answered.
Okay not the seafood part, but.. yea.. pfft ~
Not only me! Impressively, Melvin Pereira the noisiest guy in class also havent talk to him since he stepped into our class
all he did was watching everyone talked and laugh with Ramin.
and that goes the same for me.

I talked with Melvin, in assembly:
ME: Dude whats wrong with us?
Melvin: Tah? I also dont know whats wrong with me?
ME: Its like our mouth been zipped or something, aku memang taktau nak cakap apa dekat sebelah dia..
Melvin: Dont ask me, when im standing beside him in assembly the other day, i felt something i wanted to ask.. but when i open my mouth
ME: There's a blackhole!
Melvin: babi kau! no lar, i mean, when i open my mouth, no words coming out.. macam out of breath
ME: you suck.
Melvin: you too mother****er! (and then starts rapping)
ME: AHA! try rapping with him
Melvin: haha babi.
ME: macam mana kau nak cakap dengan orang bila kau ingat babi babi babi. kau ni memang babi hitam lah hish!

Then he make this weird looking scary faces that you've wished you had a nightmare?
I wanted to laugh, but somewhere and somehow i heard a voice saying,
"if u laugh, u die"
So i replied the same face that he do to me. Okay weird.
Form teacher come and dismissed us ~

But seriously, saya tak pernah cakap dengan dia.. pelik kan?
tried adding him in Facebook but still "awaiting friend confirmation"
did he ignored? Nah, whatever.
He had a blog! Tumblr. He wrote all bout his life in Malaysia
i find it really interesting to read, i mean, what he thinks bout the price range,
the culture here, the buildings and the food! hahaha!

You! yea You! can visit his blog at the right panel here ---->
And if you rather wanted to see what he caught using his camera,
you can visit his Flickr at
*i wont put flickr link on the right panel here.*

Introducing Ramin.


Well today was the first time in Ramadhan, i break fast at a restaurant.

Plan just to accompanied my bro buying t-shirts at klcc.
But it turns out that i was the one who bought more stuff then he did.
Okay.. weird huh. I just cant stand seeing good pair of jeans, shorts and shirts!
just gotta have em! only if! there's my size! :D
thats a good thing though, if i like that jeans and it cost around 400 bucks! i would ask for the size first!
if its not available or sold out, Thank god! coz it saves money!
usually good looking pair of jeans always no size for me!
looks like i gotta hit the gym! yes indeed!
after raya will go there with bro to shape up!
Okay enough of bragging ~

After break fast at San Francisco Coffee, we went iSetan saw some cool and much cheaper shirts
my bro bought one checkered long-sleeved shirt from CrazeeCausa! not bad.
After that we wanted to go up, but suddenly we lost-tracked and went down -.-?
you know its Level G! = Fragrance section!
its not a bad thing but you know.. those salesgirl always annoys me ~
and thank you guys for giving me a headache -.-!
then we passed this Ralph Lauren section, ive always wanted to smell or just to know the differences between Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4!
Tried smell all of em!
So far i liked #1 and #3
I just cant choose which one? Sniff Sniff Sniff ~
#3 is the winner! So i bought 75ml for RM170.
Got 4 miniature perfumes + RM10 voucher from iSetan.

Then, my bro also wanted to buy one of these..
He said he liked the #1 because its abit mild then the current perfume that he has at home!
But there's only a big size at RM223. Conversation starts!
Salesgirl: So for #1, we have only the 150ml for RM223.
Bro: Aww man, i thought that there's a 75ml bottle.. i want one for me!
Salesgirl: wait ar, i try calling my friend at parkson there.
*toot toot*
Salesgirl: Okay! come follow me
*walk walk* - she walk very fast! its like from isetan to parkson in 20second.
Salesgirl: Here you are!
Salesgirl: Okay so you have a 75ml bottle of #1 and 3 miniature bottles! and double RM10 from Parkson!
Bro: Okay thank you!

Then its 9pm, walk and go in Zara, alot of people buying the same thing.
Saw some rempits coming in, and we went out ~
Went up to quiksilver find nice pair of shorts! like it alot ~
but my bro said that i already had alot of shorts.
Come to think of it, yea i do. -_- byebye good looking shorts.
We went through all kinds of stores from Machines to Nike, Adidas, Stadium
more like a window shopping!
Then passed Giordano, saw some colourful shorts and shirts!
went in and bought a pair of jeans and pair of khakis.
just to cover up! i mean i had to buy something! :P

Went back and goes to bed at 11pm!
Then i dreamt something unnecessary things!
woke up at 3am! eat sahur! and then sleep!
cant wait for Raya this friday!
O Ya! before raya, just cant wait for the arrival of Fujifilm Instax!
I'll be waiting! :D 

Sep 3, 2010

Fujifilm Instax 7s

Been waiting long for this one!
I Like Polaroids pictures..
Its cool and awesome!

People asked me why not digital camera,
Cant answer them aswell O_O"
My bro had his Nikon D80 so i consider sharing it?
Okay, My mum,sis even got their own digital camera.
So im thinking i wanna have something different.

Wanna buy those weird and old looking cameras at ROOMS!
you know? the Lomography ? i think so!
Diana? Fish eye? Waterproof? cool and weird ones need to have films!
and have to develop at the shop! kinda old but classic.

Yeah! plan to have Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s
before raya.

Why Oh Why

Officially hates Apple!
apparently Mr.Steve Jobs is too smart to came up with something new and it can be done at the early year of 2010.
They trick us. I mean, I just bought the so called "new" 3rd generation iPod touch from Apple like in January. Of course its new. Not till now.
The new iPod Touch is incredible!
Just the same and the new features is crazily awesome!
CAMERA! front and back!
even can record a video in High Definition!
so so so jealous and so so so hating it!

Dont worry my iPod Touch! u wont be replaced :)
Imma nice owner :P
But maybe soon u will have a brother :)
Ow Yea.. a big brother! i called him i4 :)
Know what i mean? ;)

This tons of words just pop up in my mind when i open
just to see things.
And please do support Apple! Its the new generation of music portable around the world maybe? i suppose? grrr duh..

There's 2 new ipod's which includes Touch and Nano!
Im just bragging bout Touch rather than nano because ive not yet experienced/used nano before so i wouldnt not know what or how to say :P

Just to add, NANO is cute and cool ! :)

Check it out here!
APPLE <- click click!

and you wanna check out the price? its freaking! cheaper than my iPod Touch
omg.. speechless..
old iPod Touch - 1.2k
New and AWESOME - 1k

Apple Store MY <- click click!

Sad Sad Sniff Sniff.


Ahh today was the best day!
School Holiday starts tomorrow! for 2 weeks!

Today, class teacher gave us "duit raya"
even though its not much, but well its the first and last duit raya from my form teacher
i mean, its my first time receiving the money from a teacher since primary :)
yea enough of that!

People asked me, "eh kau dah beli kasut raya belum?"
I just cant answer them,
I only said,"aa, nantilah"
I mean.. Do u have to?
I have my 1 year snicker, still in good condition.
Its Converse Jack Purcell.
And not planning on buying new one.
I dont know bout u guys but, maybe were not the same.
O Ya! i hate being around malls when its SALE!
Ramai gila orang.. maybe some of u know what its like.

And some of em asked me,"baju raya colour apa?"
Im like,"Aku tak beli lagi,nanti lah decide"
Just cant concentrate in studies with tons of the same questions.

To say it nicely, every year my family will go this store called
somewhere near Jakel at Capsquare there.
My dad likes the quality and the colours and all.
Its expensive but we get discounts since my mom knows the owner.
And to tell the truth, we went there every year a day before Raya!
Crazy and rushing right..

Im not the type of people that buy stuff monthly.
I mean, kalau benda tu tak rosak, just use it!
dont have to buy new one. and continue buying it

i admit i like shopping but not so addicted.
imma shopaholic at noon :)
i mean, when some people still sleeps, i shop! :D
around 11am to 2pm.

O Ya! many people asked me,"Eh jom buka puasa dekat luar"
Sorry! Not my type at all.
I rather eat at home, mom cooks the best! <3
I just dont understand you guys!
when its not ramadhan, i ajak u guys makan dinner dekat luar,
and u guys cakap tak boleh? parents tak bagi?
and yet you guys invite me for buka puasa?
not to brag, but i just hate going out on puasa.
other than ramadhan, im ok.

Hooo Haaa Hooo Haaa...

Before raya, i just want to buy this camera.
Just for taking memories and this camera looks ugly
but it produces good quality picture!

What im so excited was the day before raya, 2NE1
will released their first music video from their upcoming 2nd album
and yea, i cant wait!
just the 30second teaser already made me addicted already :P
I mean, c'mon ive been waiting for them almost a year and half!
cant wait any longer :)
Raya with new songs! kinda cool awesome :)

and check this out! its Will.I.Am
look what he says..
Cool right?? Will.I.Am with 2NE1
:) sorry wonder girls ~ byebye.


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