Aug 12, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

12 August 2010
Wow, cant believe that im already Sixteen!
One Six! :)
Yea, and its also the second day of Ramadan!
Its the fasting month for Muslims and im blessed :)

Okay, so woke up at 5, eat sahur with family.
Then went to school at 6:50am as usual ~
As soon as assembly start at 7:20, Al-Haziq is the first person that wishes me.
Thank you! :)
Then went up to class.. starts with Biology 2 periods! feel very very sleepy..
Move on with Add Maths! We learned Circular Measure! i like how it uses formula..
I think its easy if u concentrate and not playing like Harrison! and Wei Sheng! -.-"
They kept saying "Eh kau paham tak apa dia ajar?"
Pfft.. anyway, after add maths, its RECESS! yahoo!
We read Yassin since its the fasting months to gain our "pahala"

Then its Bahasa Melayu! We learned how to do rumusan and karangan and some parts of novels in the format of SPM. Cool ;)
All of the sudden,
Darminder said : Cikgu tadi pukul enam saya tengok cikgu post dekat wall izhar "happy buzday"
I was like : oi? what? oi!!,do u have to?
Class : Haaaaapppyyyyy Biiiirthhhhhdaayyyyy ttooooo..
I: O_O"
Teacher : OIIIIII! Saya suruh buat apa?
Class : Karangan...
Teacher : Habistu?
I : darminder ur such a..
Darminder : ;D
Melvin : Mwhahhaha were gonna have so much fun >:)
Teacher : Sorry izhar! darminder yang revealed!
I: heh -_-"

*In St.John's, if today happens to be your birthday, we do celebrate!
In fact, we(the celebrator) would have so much fun than the birthday boy.
Fun = Punching|Poking|Pinching|Pointing|Slapping|Laughing
yea, pretty much anything that's end with -ing.

So u know, if one people knows my birthday, its like a 50/50 chances to be happy
One, he wishes ur birthday. You felt like "Thank you, that's so kind"
Two, the worse part is that he may SPREAD the news to all of his friends.
Its like a flu, in one hour, all the form 4 people knows already.
Its like a big nightmare O_O"

THANK GOD! nothing happened to me yet! today! :)
Oh yea thanks for all of your wishes!! May god bless u all :)

Back home - Sleep!!! Snooze!!! Snored -.-"
Then woke up at 7pm then break fast! okay thanks mum for the delicious dishes! :D
then there's a present on the table, and a big box. -.- so freakin nervous..
Wanna know what is it?.. To Be Continued... :D

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