Aug 21, 2010

Just A Member

On my recent post "Arrive home at 4",
I did state that there's a interact meeting,
and im on Publicity Director.
O Ya! I didnt get it :(

Maybe because im not close to Brandon? (current president)
Or maybe he ask me so little questions and nodded?
because of the time and he's rushing?
Or its because just the way i talk?
Gahh.. nevermind.
Congrats to Darvin form 3 guy, u got the part.

But, im happy for Nicholas! His the new IU Director.
Ya! ill be helping him alot next year yeah! :)

Owh! wont forget Ysheng! New president! Congrats!
Also Gavinesh, Congrats on being the new Secretary!

Im just a member! Not to be sad because i have my peeps with me!
Syahir Mirza and Tan Wei Sheng! also Jagitkanthan! :)

O Ya! For the new Prefects!
Congrats to Syahir Mirza, Shafique, Gavinesh, Roshein,Thanraj
and all of you that i cant mention here..
sry forgot hehe..

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