Aug 14, 2010


Yea bout that.. wow! hai :)
There's 8 people in the house including me..
so, here goes nothing ~

Bro gave $money$.. THANK YOU!
Aunt1 gave $money$ .. THANK YOU!
Aunt2 gave $money$.. THANK YOU!
Grandma gave $money$.. THANK YOU!
Mummy gave $$money$$.. THANK YOU!!

My sis gave me an album. Yea am so shocked!
She bought the album all the way from Korea!
Ive wanted to buy 2NE1's album but Speedy,Rock Corner
and other cd stores doesnt sell the original ones.
They put the copy/fake ones on the racks..
O Ya! She bought 2.
Although she got mistaken by Big Bang and Bang!
But its okay.. you have done enough! :)

Its [2NE1 (2009First Mini-Album)] + Photo and autograph!
And [After School (Bang!)] + Large poster of them

Thank You So Much! :)

and Biggest prize is from Dad!
Thank You SO SO SO Much for this :))
Its a...
Cool box on the outside O_O"
And Awesome Laptop inside! ;D

And Thank You so much for those wished me on my birthday!
Dont care you gave me presents or wishes or nothing,
Im just blessed! Thanks!

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