Aug 9, 2010

Arrive Home At 4

Its monday! first day of school in the second week of August!
;P So happy went to school.. then as usual teachers had speeches..
then after the speeches, guess what? more speeches! -_-"
Penolong Kanan Kokokurikulum then Penolong Kanan Hal Ehwal Murid
then Penolong Kanan then finally Principal wanted to give speeches as well..
Okay, I don't know why? but Mr.Principal learnt to talk slowly and repeatedly in a stylish screaming way of speaking.
Always called us "Johanian Cemerlang". He talk so much till end of first period !
From 7:20 to 8:45. No Offence but, its just how i feel :)

Suddenly came out from nowhere, i heard
"There's a sport house meeting after school at 1 oclock, you cant leave the school before 2 because the gate will be locked."
Oh man! -_-"

The meeting was terrible, the advisory teacher needs to know who wants to be in the board of directors for the sport house representative 2011.
Everyone was screaming out names and some just shouting for no reason like me :D
And another one, all of em like to point.
okay, example,
Teacher : Okay who wants to represent the house for Chess competition ?
All : Pointing, pointing, pointing. And majority all points at Brandon Chris.

He's the winner!. We laughed.
After chess, there's badminton, squash, ping pong, etc ...
*kringgg* YAY!
Teacher : who ask you to stand?
All : AWW! :(
Teacher: :D

Then, came out from nowhere, Nicholas surprised me and said
"there's interact club meeting"
And its 2:15! -_-"
The current president wanted to chose 8 people from this year's form 4's and 3's.
For next year Board Of Directors.
Feel so lazy, but for the sake of the club, I went all up at Form 5 block.
Went in and saw Amirrul Ashraf waiting for people to arrive.
Im like since when he's interact? IU day tak pernah datang and all.
But since the president accept new members, its okay la..

He ask all of us to give reason for our choices to be in the board of directors
and why? and reason? and how?
I just cant think of anything since its a rush meeting.
I pick something i can do like being the Publicity Director.
I chose that because i like communicating with people.
Some more i like to know more people from different schools, just like to know their school's background or whatever because im blank bout other schools in KL except SJI.
Hope i can interact with all interactors all over KL next year! :P

O Ya! cant believe Syahir Mirza pick "IU Director".
I mean, he can do work, but is he creative to do such stuff? :P
I dont know yet, since he never done anything like this before.
Action speaks louder than words! Amazed us Syahir :P
But i guess its up to him to decide right.
If i dont get the part, its alright, Normal member will do just fine.

Gahh arrive home at 4pm :) tired tired weeee ~

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