Aug 8, 2010

2 Year Old Blog

About 1hour, my almost 2 year old blogspot had a new look!
So, do u like it? do u like it? :P
And if u wait like 5 or 6 seconds, suddenly there's a background music!
teng teng teng ten ten ten teng ~
Are u shocked? No? OK.
Am going to add more pics and gadgets to this new blog!
Maybe something interesting? Like funny videos ive found or wicked pictures.
So, seriously u dont feel anything? goosebumps maybe? No? OK.
-_- Bye

O ya! 4 days more to 12th August ;)

P/S: You can paused the music all the way down there!.
Its Gara Gara Go by Bigbang.
Its Better Together by SE7EN.
Its Hurricane Venus by BoA.
Its She's Back by Infinite.
Its Come Back Again by Infinite.

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