Jun 7, 2010


Finally it was mid term school holiday!
Gosh.. time went so fast..
Many problems increasing...
I just broke my relationship with my bestfriends..
over some little stupid thing he did..
very childish indeed..
enough of that..

So today is monday! So im thinking,hurm i wanna watch SHREK!
So i went to pavilion alone.. yea alone!
i called all of my friends that used to hangout with me..
eventually,all of em not picking up their phones..
i mean i know its 12pm.. too early huh?

So i was looking for some shorts.. and when walking i saw Animal!
its a brand okay not an animal -.-"
quite nice.. then i saw promotion.. buy 1 free 1 tshirt..
So,i spend all at 250 bucks..

Then i remembered i need something for my iPod :P
so i went to Paul Frank! damn.. got many interesting sunglasses,watches..
ipod covers.. very cool :P
i ended up buying earphones hehe :D
100 bucks flying ~

Then walk walk I heard some kid screaming "I WANT SODA!!!!"
then i turned to my left and saw SODA. So i went inside got 40% off..
so i went to see some shorts.. it was 10% for non members so i bought it :D
100 bucks fly ~

Then i saw quiksilver! :D
went in and bought 1 collar T-shirt and 1 t-shirt
Also saw some cool pair of slippers :D
300 bucks fly ~

Hurm.. gosh.. im holding so much of paper bags :P
And people kept looking at my paper bags..
Im like "Err is there anything wrong? No Torn, its fine"
people.. people with sharp eyes.. god knows what they are thinking!

Went see SHREK! haha it was okay.. gv it as 4/5 rating :)
saw Toy Story 3 adv. So f*king cool!
am going to watch it Gold Class or maybe 3D!
cant wait cant wait! cant wait!
come clap with me..
cant wait cant wait cant wait :D

Till next time :D

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