May 17, 2010


So well.. its been a month! oops maybe 2 months?
hehe.. well am gonna start by saying HAII!!
gosh i gottaaa lot of things to post! ;)
okay yesterday was Gotong-Royong day at school!
It was fun for some reason.. and very tired.
and Teacher doesnt gv me coupon for free food. Cry. *sniff sniff*
Dont care lah! its nasi lemak anyway..

We painted our class light green and cream. So its duo-tone.
other class paint only one colour,pfft suck!
no offence but yeah really u gotta admit it sometimes..
Our class is louder than others thanks to Melvin! he brought a stereo
so we all can do our jobs while listening to
FLYFM.. Malaysia's Hottest Music :P *blekk*

Okay.. enough of that! its my first time painting anyway..
Yahoo!!! *Clap Clap*
and i paid for the paint!!! its RM80 for 14litres..
okay i pay half.. tee.. hee..
yeahu tomorrow is Teacher's Day but my school celebrate it on Monday
so FREE from study ^_^!!
Tee.. Hee.. Class Monitor, Ken!
Rijal in white with Aiman, i cant believe what can Aiman smellsDarminder and Melvin "Black" ;)Our bottom-part brush painter! Adzeem. ;DOur most hardworking boy ever! Christopher.
Listening to MP3 + Reading a Book about 101 JokesLastly an unknown person licking the roller. Crazy!

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