Mar 26, 2010

PS3 on Friday

I finally finished playing KILLZONE 2!!
its a shooting game but also an interesting game :P
i really like the graphic pictures and all ~ nice
the shooting weapon and all.. damn really missed the game already :D

and the last part,which ive to kill the big boss "Radec"
i cant believe that part was the easiest part of all the game !!
duhh.... so easy to kill him :)

LOL!! not to worry bcoz this year 2010 yeah!!!
two-OH-one-OH ~
Sony Games will released KILLZONE 3 :P
cant wait for it..

now currently ive been playing God Of War 3..
nice game and with the solving all the puzzles thing is very interesting..
i like ;DD ~
my bro bought the game for 200 bucks!!

and Uncharted 2 is nice also !! very good game :P

p/s : The title doesnt hv to do with any of these post :D

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Anonymous said...

cuba game ni... Just Cause 2


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