Mar 16, 2010

Holiday At Home

damn... this holiday is so boring eh..
dont know why lah..
but my mum gv me this dvd called "Boys Before Flowers"
the drama is actually good oh..
it contains 25 episodes..
this drama won so much awards at the end of 2009.
Best Couple,Best Screen Actress,Best Drama...
as u all know.. Drama Of The Year 2009 take by IRIS :)
and Best Screen Actor goes to Lee Byung Hun

So,if u like action drama's i suggest IRIS.
because the cost is the highest in history of korean dramas..
1.8billion i think :)

But my type is anytype of movie that has comedy..
like horror-comedy,romance-comedy..

So im currently make my one week holiday by watching korean drama's
Cant wait for my dad to bring home "God Of Study"
i watch GOS at KBS but my schedule is so tight this year..
so i dont hv the chance to watch all of it.. so i ask my dad to buy the DVD.
He's in Johor now outstation. He says..
"There's one shop here sells korean drama's.. just name it,they have it"
So thats why i asked him to buy GOS! :)

Cast of Boys Before Flowers
Cast of God Of Study

and yes.. these 2 drama's consists of students in school ~~
but.. Boys Before Flowers is not so boring because they all are seniors and they travel alot..
because u know lar.. all the boys are rich while the girls are poor..
hhmmpph... i cant describe unless u've watch it urself :)

but for God Of Study,its like my life.. very lazy to study..
till one new discipline teacher came to the school and teaches this 5 special students to get straight A's.. its quite fun to see all of them struggled and all bahahha :)


nAzurAh said...

god of study!! like to watch it but didnt have time also.. :( waah they have the store in johor? really looking forward to go there...! if u dont mind, can u ask ur father where is the place?? :D heeeee.thanks..

Izharcj said...

kak nazurah :D,
me too.. i dont hv the time :(
erm.. my dad says its in segamat.
and he cant remember the name of the store -.- sry..
but its in segamat..
god of study is new.. 2 months later maybe can find the dvd at KL maybe haha :)

nAzurAh said...

haha. ok dik..thanks. yea it is strange that those dvd didnt arrive in KL yet. but have arrived in johor! ahhaah. maybe it was from s'pore..who knows kn..
and,,u'll have the time when its holiday :D just hold on till the time has come... :p ahah. i'll have my final exam so after that...yeahhhh. can watch korean n japanese movie :D

izharcj said...

yea... haha..
kak nazurah, now im watching Your Beautiful..
CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa is in the movie..
best jugak.. :D


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