Mar 26, 2010

PS3 on Friday

I finally finished playing KILLZONE 2!!
its a shooting game but also an interesting game :P
i really like the graphic pictures and all ~ nice
the shooting weapon and all.. damn really missed the game already :D

and the last part,which ive to kill the big boss "Radec"
i cant believe that part was the easiest part of all the game !!
duhh.... so easy to kill him :)

LOL!! not to worry bcoz this year 2010 yeah!!!
two-OH-one-OH ~
Sony Games will released KILLZONE 3 :P
cant wait for it..

now currently ive been playing God Of War 3..
nice game and with the solving all the puzzles thing is very interesting..
i like ;DD ~
my bro bought the game for 200 bucks!!

and Uncharted 2 is nice also !! very good game :P

p/s : The title doesnt hv to do with any of these post :D

Mar 18, 2010

Im in Google

Well.. let say that im bored..
So i just check up thing on google ~
Look what i found!!
Myself! :)

Mar 16, 2010

Holiday At Home

damn... this holiday is so boring eh..
dont know why lah..
but my mum gv me this dvd called "Boys Before Flowers"
the drama is actually good oh..
it contains 25 episodes..
this drama won so much awards at the end of 2009.
Best Couple,Best Screen Actress,Best Drama...
as u all know.. Drama Of The Year 2009 take by IRIS :)
and Best Screen Actor goes to Lee Byung Hun

So,if u like action drama's i suggest IRIS.
because the cost is the highest in history of korean dramas..
1.8billion i think :)

But my type is anytype of movie that has comedy..
like horror-comedy,romance-comedy..

So im currently make my one week holiday by watching korean drama's
Cant wait for my dad to bring home "God Of Study"
i watch GOS at KBS but my schedule is so tight this year..
so i dont hv the chance to watch all of it.. so i ask my dad to buy the DVD.
He's in Johor now outstation. He says..
"There's one shop here sells korean drama's.. just name it,they have it"
So thats why i asked him to buy GOS! :)

Cast of Boys Before Flowers
Cast of God Of Study

and yes.. these 2 drama's consists of students in school ~~
but.. Boys Before Flowers is not so boring because they all are seniors and they travel alot..
because u know lar.. all the boys are rich while the girls are poor..
hhmmpph... i cant describe unless u've watch it urself :)

but for God Of Study,its like my life.. very lazy to study..
till one new discipline teacher came to the school and teaches this 5 special students to get straight A's.. its quite fun to see all of them struggled and all bahahha :)

First Term Holiday

Yeahu.. holiday again..
ahh so bored because already missed studying bleekk :P
but still feels lazy to go out..
yesterday i went pavi to see Alice in Wonderland
it was not my type at all.. the movie is so so boring..
its like "what the EF... i just waste rm18 for this movie"
i gv it 2 out of 10.
then walk walk.. i manage to buy something for my ipod :)
i bought:-

Slap Bass Silicone Case
Skurvy Ink'd Ear Buds

Courtesy Of :-

Mar 13, 2010

2NE1 - Try To Follow Me

Sorry for the last post video below there..
YG Entertainment had to blocked it because of some sneaky upload..
and this is a pure released video by their company :)

Nal Da Ra He Bwa Yo!,I Rok Ek Eh..

Mar 11, 2010

2NE1 is Back

yeapp!!! u heard it !
my fav group 2NE1 hv made an awesome comeback
with a very cool song :D
abit annoying when i've first heard it..
but it turns out to be a very awesome song by the way ~
and the music video really made me laugh~
it is so cool man.. damn i really talk much..
yeah bcoz of their last performance is 4months ago..
and i really missed them performing :)

and well.. yesterday YG Entertainment released their
new single title "Try To Follow Me"
which is very cool song.. :)
can't wait to see their new album come out :)
and yeah.. u can see their video is awesome.. look below :)


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