Feb 21, 2010

Wednesday on CNY

Okay.. one day i cant forget.
its like this.. we plan to went out lepak.
Wednesday at Pavilion, Thursday at KLCC at 11am
At Tuesday i slept at 3am coz played badminton with my brother
then on Wednesday,i woke up at 11:30am and i freaked out!
then i called Tan.

T: apa?
I: oi,kau dah sampai ke?
T: oh shit, *hang up*

haha,i guess Tan just woke up.
then my mom send me to pavi at 12 noon.
eat at Nandos :D my first time there~
it was quite good.. the peri-peri sauce ~
we see Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief
the movie was so freaking cool!!..
it was much better than Legion.
the movie ended at 4:30pm,well my dad leave his office at 5:30pm so i got like 1hour more to spend..
Ysheng and Tan wanna go Sg.Wang to check out some Crooz t-shirt.
So,adam,roshan and myself followed ~
then at 5pm,i need to go back pavi coz my dad picks me up there~

The Best Part Starts
Suddenly, Bukit Bintang rained.
it rained heavily.. im so trapped!
u know? Sg.Wang to Pavilion is not so far but,
try walking in the rain -_-" it feel so far
can get damn wet!
i mean,i dont hv any choices ~ so,yeah..
i ran -_-" but roshan and adam describes me jogging in the rain.
duh ~ i dont want to run coz can get slipped and u know what..
there's so many people watching us running.. i mean if i fall,so embarrassing man
so we finally reached pavi. and im so so soaking wet -_-"
then i asked my dad to get me at the entrance. So,i waited for 15minutes..
standing.. soaking.. embarassing! =+="
then as soon as i got in the car. i felt omg!
what a horrible day.
arrive home and washed up and sleep. YAY!

then woke up at 12 midnight i think.. then my bro invite me to play badminton infront of the house.. we played till 3am as usual :D
then showered ~ and sleep
bcoz tomorrow need to go KLCC! :)

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