Feb 21, 2010

Thursday on CNY

Woke up at 11am. Called Tan : -

T: apa?
I: oi,kau dekat mana?
T: rumahla,kau?
I: sama ah..
T: haha bye.

Arrived at KLCC at 12noon -_-"
then i received a call form Nicholas :-

N: so where r u?
I: on the way..
N: okay,were at Petrosains
I: watcha mean by "we" ?
N: we as in ME,Syahir and TING TING!
I: Ting Ting? Thats Not My Name! Thats Not My Name!
N: Iswarla.. haha..
I: bye.

Then i received text message from Tan :-
"Aku dah sampai,Kau Mana?"

Then i went to Starbucks :D bought Java Chip Venti!
cost me RM16.40.

Then i received text message from Tan:-
"Starbucks Outdoor or Indoor"
"Indoor la,Tingkat 3 tu.. hisshh,.."

Meet him, then we went to Petrosains to meet Nick!
And then i called Syahir:-

S: ha?
I: yaw bitch,where r ya?
S: babi kau,aku kat stadium
I: Stadium?? wei bodo.. kata nk dtg KLCC!,Stadium mana pulak ni
S: wei bodo,STADIUM KLCC la!
I: wei bodo!! KLCC mana ada STADIUM!
S: wei bodo!! tepi Kinokuniya kedai apa?
I: jap...(walk and walk and saw syahir at STADIUM)...bye *hang up*

Syahir come and take my Java Chip. Damn he!
Then nick and iswar come.. then were off to food court!!
there we met adam and ysheng too..
then we all eat eat eat ~ then we go see movie.
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief for the second time!
haha.. so awesome man.. feeling watching for the third time!

Then,walk walk around there.. here..
then i sang alone..u spin my head right round right round when u go down when u go down now..
then it was 4pm all broke up as in went back home ~
i had to called my mom to pick me up.. she said wait 15mins..
then i went Isetan's Supermarket. at the top floor there ~
I bought Nougat and Sushi :D with Lipton's 9

After paying at cashier,my mom text :-
"Cepat turun,pak guard tak bagi tunggu lama"
Haha,then i run down and out ~

Hoooh! nice day! I like the movie :D
and Nougat was so yummy!!! RM2.50/bar
erm.. that's cheap compare to others..
Sushi's abit expensive but if u guys want cheap go Cold Storage

hehe.. went back then played badminton with my bro.
sleep at 1am hooosh ~~~

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