Feb 21, 2010

Saturday on CNY

So,it was Saturday!
happy bcoz no tuition :D holiday ~
sad bcoz monday is school -_-"

haha its okay.. then watched korean music at youtube.
so cool :D my bro like it too.
haha! then we go to KLCC at 3pm
we went STADIUM :P
actually,i wanted to buy a racquet for myself.
bcoz tonight at 11pm,my bro booked a court at Sportsplanet.
Just to play.. for fun :D

Then we eat Ramen at the top floor of food court.
Horoiko Ramen the best!

And then my bro met up with his college friends..
then they talk talk.. i played games and listening music thru my iPod
erm.. love u iPod. u made my bored feelings gone ;D
hurm.. went back home at 9pm.
Then pick up my bro's friend at Setiawangsa, then arrived home at 10pm
we changed and go Sportsplanet!
it was fun :D
managed to play 3 sets.. we played double ~

tired but fun!!..
oh yea,did i mention that my racquet is BABOLAT :)
i know.. i know.. :P

Went home and showered! then now im updating my blog :P
with new main pic :D
is it cool? :P

Haha enough! Till then ~~~~~

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