Feb 26, 2010

L'Oréal Men Expert

Okay, this is about last nite..
where my friend,Adlan uploaded many pics of me in his album..
i know its for memories.. but im sorry Adlan,can u delete my pics?
u wanna know why? bcoz all of my pics is very near and clear.
what i meant is that all of my pics is zoom-in.
means that u can see clearly all of my pimples..
duh.. seriously i need to start taking care my face.
so last night, i followed my mom to TESCO!
we went to WATSON :P
and my mom asked :-

M: Hurm,nak yang mana?
I: Erm.. yang ni? (pointing at Clean and Clear)
M: Cuba try yang lain pulak.. hurm.. yang ni ka..(pointing at Garnier)
I: Mak,Garnier is for whitening la..
M: Okay,Izhar beli pastu hadiah kat Melvin P
I: Mak!! hiishh~ okay okay.. yg ni okay? (pointing at L'Oréal )
M: Okay!! ambikla..

I bought all of this for RM100
Hydra Energetic Cleansing Gel
Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster
Hydra Energetic Anti-Dullness

p/s: Melvin P stands for Melvin Pereira.
He's a friend of mine and his skin is so dark!
He's christian and black! i called him negro.
At school,he's so famous bcoz of his colour...
At one time he got accident by a car,that was so funny!
Reason is that.. the driver cant see him. When i heard that, I burst in laughter
In present,we called him Black. :D

Okay, yeah one more thing.. Dont Forget to TAKE CARE ur FACE!
and other SKIN problems ~


Anonymous said...

Dear Izhar,

It's good to know that you have interest to care for your skin at your age, and your decision to choose L'Oreal as your preferred regime.
Let me introduce myself, I am Connie NG, Sr. PR Manager of L'Oreal Consumer Division. Noticed that you have chosen L'Oreal Men expert Hydra Energetic range - which is suited for dull and tired skin. Whereas, your concern for acne proned skin will be better addressed by using L'Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte range instead. Hope this information helps you achieve your desired skin. Have a good week ahead!

izharcj said...

Owh, thanks for the information.
I will buy it next week :)


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