Feb 26, 2010

L'Oréal Men Expert

Okay, this is about last nite..
where my friend,Adlan uploaded many pics of me in his album..
i know its for memories.. but im sorry Adlan,can u delete my pics?
u wanna know why? bcoz all of my pics is very near and clear.
what i meant is that all of my pics is zoom-in.
means that u can see clearly all of my pimples..
duh.. seriously i need to start taking care my face.
so last night, i followed my mom to TESCO!
we went to WATSON :P
and my mom asked :-

M: Hurm,nak yang mana?
I: Erm.. yang ni? (pointing at Clean and Clear)
M: Cuba try yang lain pulak.. hurm.. yang ni ka..(pointing at Garnier)
I: Mak,Garnier is for whitening la..
M: Okay,Izhar beli pastu hadiah kat Melvin P
I: Mak!! hiishh~ okay okay.. yg ni okay? (pointing at L'Oréal )
M: Okay!! ambikla..

I bought all of this for RM100
Hydra Energetic Cleansing Gel
Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster
Hydra Energetic Anti-Dullness

p/s: Melvin P stands for Melvin Pereira.
He's a friend of mine and his skin is so dark!
He's christian and black! i called him negro.
At school,he's so famous bcoz of his colour...
At one time he got accident by a car,that was so funny!
Reason is that.. the driver cant see him. When i heard that, I burst in laughter
In present,we called him Black. :D

Okay, yeah one more thing.. Dont Forget to TAKE CARE ur FACE!
and other SKIN problems ~

Feb 21, 2010

Saturday on CNY

So,it was Saturday!
happy bcoz no tuition :D holiday ~
sad bcoz monday is school -_-"

haha its okay.. then watched korean music at youtube.
so cool :D my bro like it too.
haha! then we go to KLCC at 3pm
we went STADIUM :P
actually,i wanted to buy a racquet for myself.
bcoz tonight at 11pm,my bro booked a court at Sportsplanet.
Just to play.. for fun :D

Then we eat Ramen at the top floor of food court.
Horoiko Ramen the best!

And then my bro met up with his college friends..
then they talk talk.. i played games and listening music thru my iPod
erm.. love u iPod. u made my bored feelings gone ;D
hurm.. went back home at 9pm.
Then pick up my bro's friend at Setiawangsa, then arrived home at 10pm
we changed and go Sportsplanet!
it was fun :D
managed to play 3 sets.. we played double ~

tired but fun!!..
oh yea,did i mention that my racquet is BABOLAT :)
i know.. i know.. :P

Went home and showered! then now im updating my blog :P
with new main pic :D
is it cool? :P

Haha enough! Till then ~~~~~

Friday on CNY

Woke up at 11am. Checked phone:-
Got 1Message 8Missed Call

Message from Tan:-
"dtg rumah aku,swimming"

Missed Call from various friends:-

Then after the Friday Prayers,my mom sent me at
Seri Maya,Setiawangsa there ~ Tan's House.
Then we lepak.. talk,tease,more talk,jokes..
then watched Jackass. LoL! then Channel [v]
LOL!! eat pizza ~ then drink green tea -_-!!
haha.. okay..

then its 3pm,we all went down swim ~
got some picture ~ haha.. later upload.
it was fun! then we played so many games in the pool
5.30pm we dry up and changed into new fresh shirt and jeans wee

then we went to a restaurant (beside Seri Maya)
the Chicken Swashermaya is so big!!!
and yummy !! and affordable !!
argh.. i want more of that haha!!..
went back home at 7pm.. dad pick me up!
Sleep.. Snooze.. Sleep..
Woke up then played badminton with my bro till 2:30am
Showered and sleep!

Thursday on CNY

Woke up at 11am. Called Tan : -

T: apa?
I: oi,kau dekat mana?
T: rumahla,kau?
I: sama ah..
T: haha bye.

Arrived at KLCC at 12noon -_-"
then i received a call form Nicholas :-

N: so where r u?
I: on the way..
N: okay,were at Petrosains
I: watcha mean by "we" ?
N: we as in ME,Syahir and TING TING!
I: Ting Ting? Thats Not My Name! Thats Not My Name!
N: Iswarla.. haha..
I: bye.

Then i received text message from Tan :-
"Aku dah sampai,Kau Mana?"

Then i went to Starbucks :D bought Java Chip Venti!
cost me RM16.40.

Then i received text message from Tan:-
"Starbucks Outdoor or Indoor"
"Indoor la,Tingkat 3 tu.. hisshh,.."

Meet him, then we went to Petrosains to meet Nick!
And then i called Syahir:-

S: ha?
I: yaw bitch,where r ya?
S: babi kau,aku kat stadium
I: Stadium?? wei bodo.. kata nk dtg KLCC!,Stadium mana pulak ni
S: wei bodo,STADIUM KLCC la!
I: wei bodo!! KLCC mana ada STADIUM!
S: wei bodo!! tepi Kinokuniya kedai apa?
I: jap...(walk and walk and saw syahir at STADIUM)...bye *hang up*

Syahir come and take my Java Chip. Damn he!
Then nick and iswar come.. then were off to food court!!
there we met adam and ysheng too..
then we all eat eat eat ~ then we go see movie.
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief for the second time!
haha.. so awesome man.. feeling watching for the third time!

Then,walk walk around there.. here..
then i sang alone..u spin my head right round right round when u go down when u go down now..
then it was 4pm all broke up as in went back home ~
i had to called my mom to pick me up.. she said wait 15mins..
then i went Isetan's Supermarket. at the top floor there ~
I bought Nougat and Sushi :D with Lipton's 9

After paying at cashier,my mom text :-
"Cepat turun,pak guard tak bagi tunggu lama"
Haha,then i run down and out ~

Hoooh! nice day! I like the movie :D
and Nougat was so yummy!!! RM2.50/bar
erm.. that's cheap compare to others..
Sushi's abit expensive but if u guys want cheap go Cold Storage

hehe.. went back then played badminton with my bro.
sleep at 1am hooosh ~~~

Wednesday on CNY

Okay.. one day i cant forget.
its like this.. we plan to went out lepak.
Wednesday at Pavilion, Thursday at KLCC at 11am
At Tuesday i slept at 3am coz played badminton with my brother
then on Wednesday,i woke up at 11:30am and i freaked out!
then i called Tan.

T: apa?
I: oi,kau dah sampai ke?
T: oh shit, *hang up*

haha,i guess Tan just woke up.
then my mom send me to pavi at 12 noon.
eat at Nandos :D my first time there~
it was quite good.. the peri-peri sauce ~
we see Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief
the movie was so freaking cool!!..
it was much better than Legion.
the movie ended at 4:30pm,well my dad leave his office at 5:30pm so i got like 1hour more to spend..
Ysheng and Tan wanna go Sg.Wang to check out some Crooz t-shirt.
So,adam,roshan and myself followed ~
then at 5pm,i need to go back pavi coz my dad picks me up there~

The Best Part Starts
Suddenly, Bukit Bintang rained.
it rained heavily.. im so trapped!
u know? Sg.Wang to Pavilion is not so far but,
try walking in the rain -_-" it feel so far
can get damn wet!
i mean,i dont hv any choices ~ so,yeah..
i ran -_-" but roshan and adam describes me jogging in the rain.
duh ~ i dont want to run coz can get slipped and u know what..
there's so many people watching us running.. i mean if i fall,so embarrassing man
so we finally reached pavi. and im so so soaking wet -_-"
then i asked my dad to get me at the entrance. So,i waited for 15minutes..
standing.. soaking.. embarassing! =+="
then as soon as i got in the car. i felt omg!
what a horrible day.
arrive home and washed up and sleep. YAY!

then woke up at 12 midnight i think.. then my bro invite me to play badminton infront of the house.. we played till 3am as usual :D
then showered ~ and sleep
bcoz tomorrow need to go KLCC! :)


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