Jan 31, 2010

What A Day

Last Nite, after school i go pray (Solat Jumaat)
Then at 2:15pm we(adlan,ariff,abdullah) went to Seri Maya's(Tan's crib)
haha LOL!
well we went for ShiSha at Deja Voo.
But im not into ShiSha. Hv tried but dont like it. Sorry lah! -.-
Deja Voo was very cool!! But 20mins later,the place were so crowded
i mean like watef.. i cant even breathe -.-"
Then at 4:30pm,we went to Seri Maya's 21st Floor.
It was a breath taking view u can say.
I really love and like that place. Peaceful. Well..
NOT actually bcoz we play "kejar-kejar" haha!
we like to hv fun for some reason.
I bought a Large Spritzer Mineral Water for RM2.40
It was very delicious for some reason.
Then.. Syahir come near me.. he hugs me.
I mean watef..
He love to hug people. I dont know why?
When we called him gay. He denied. Duh. Crazy!!
We went back home at 6pm.

p/s: There's a Hand Phone Fair at Seri Maya's
You guys can check it out! its opposite the Setiawangsa's LRT Station
My friend TAN bought Nokia E63 for RM800
Can u believe it? So Cheap! You guys should check it out!

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