Jan 31, 2010


Sudah lama tak update!
But,tiada org baca.. its okay ;D
hahahaa.. So Im FINE! its been a GREAT YEAR!
2010 is a FRESH year for me!
and i like my class! eventhough my best friend is in the next door.
but its okay i got Tan Wei Sheng! Shafique! Darminder!
yeah.. great class actually.. Really love Add Maths,Mod Maths,Biology,Physics..
well u can say all the science subjects.. i may become nerds
but its okay.. im a hybrid guy ;D 50% study 50% reality
means that while im studying i may watch tv updates or movies.
We will see if im free coz I hv a tight schedule now.

Monday-Friday (school) 7.20am-1.15pm
Tuesday (co-curricular activities) 2pm-4pm
Wednesday (bowling club) 2pm-5.30pm
Thursday (home tuition) 2pm-3.30pm then 4pm-5pm
Saturday (kasturi tuition) 2pm-5.30pm
Sunday (kasturi tuition) 10.20am-2.30pm

aww man! but its okay.. atleast i hv fun in school..
yeah study is fun im so weird!

haha.. more updates to come! :)

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