Dec 27, 2010

Drug Addicts

Was watching Korean Dramas
so addictive! :D

then around 6:30pm ~ Heard my aunt shouted infront of the gate.
Calling my mom's name.
I hurriedly stood up and press the gate button.
Her voice was cracking and i saw her shirts and pants been torn ~
I was like... oh my god??
She look terrified ~

She got robbed. Infront of my neighbours house.
I felt so pity of her. She just lost her favourite Longchamp handbag.
I know its not a big thing, but she bought it in Paris, so i was
like ahh.. kesian nya..
She look so pale and was out of breath..
She got minimal injuries on her hands and legs ~
although it was scratches, it bleeds ~ so pitiful

It started when 2 guys wearing black shirts asked her, "Where is Taman Saujana?"
She replied, "Tak tahu.."
Then one of the guy pulled her bag and another guy kick her..
I mean who on earth would do such a thing?
Thief/Robbers won't hurt people, they just snatch things silently ~
This must be one of the drug addicts ~

Luckily she said, she had RM20 in her bag and all the credit cards and phones ~
Most importantly our house keys in that bag as well.. This creeps me out lah..
Who knows one of these days they will enter our house.. haishh need to change the locks!
Tomorrow will change everything!

But sadly, her Longchamp handbag was a limited edition type ~
My mum ask me if i could sms her phone and said, "Tolong pulangkan handbag"
I was like.. "Maa! later they will spam my phone! Why dont you use yours!"
My mum was like,"Nevermind :)"

To the people who robbed my aunt. Screw you!
You guys are Muslims, at school we learn Pendidikan Agama Islam..
for what? for being afraid of sins! What would you expect by robbing someone?
Oh, got a handbag! yay got RM20 and credit cards? happy??
We'll see one of your fmaily members will get more trouble than my Aunt.

Dec 21, 2010


Yeah! Its youuuuuu~ (soulja boy told em')

Click picture for bigger size!

I cant believe i have more stalkers in the States than Malaysia.
I mean, i have no problem with that, its just that.. I live in Malaysia..
so, why on earth people would like to see my blog from the other side of the world ~
know what i mean? :P

Im fine with that! Thank you also to the unknowns who dropped by my blog
Appreciate your 5minutes on my blog ~ (or less)
Just in case you wanna know, Im Asian :D
Ke.. Ke.. Ke..

Brought to you by feedjit :P

Thumbs Up

Its the first time i got myself "thumbs up"

Most probably you dont know what i was talking about?
Its youtube!

and i got the highest :) on that certain day :(

So, just to share with yoooo! :)
it was 2NE1 - Dont Stop The Music.

Big Thanks to the unknown 90 people who like my comment! :)

Dec 15, 2010


Hana our should i call her Kak Hana!
In Korea, i should address her as Hana Noona!
She teaches me some simple Korean phrase like..

How much is this? = Olma eyo?
Please give me this one = Igo julseyo
Yeah = Ye
Nope = Aniyo
Thanks = Kamsa hamida
Whats up! = Anyong haseyo
See yo later dude~ = Anyo ngi gaseyo
Ke Ke Ke = Ke Ke Ke
Ha Ha Ha = Ha Ha Ha
:) = :)
:D = :D

simple stuff ~ its alot but i only can let you know some because i am bad
>:D puwahahaha!

She brought us to Namdaemun and Myeon-dong!
See, Namdaemun is a flea market where they sell many many stuff in cheap price ~
Its like petaling street in korea! the place is huge 3 times bigger and longer than petaling street ~
You can get lost in the market but thankfully Hana is with us ~ she knows the way!
Its a heaven for my brother since he can buy many things here for his friends and souvenirs ~
I bought nothing except food ke.. ke..
Hey! its Korea! we should taste their food as well right? :P

Then its Myeon-dong which is my favourite place! weeee ~
The place is similarly same as Namdaemun which is long and big walkaway streets but
but but ~ on your left and rights are branded stores! like..
SPAO, H&M, BSX, Uniqlo, Adidas Originals, Nike, Forever21, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Missha.. etc
i bought alot of things at H&M.. i mean there's no H&M in Malaysia :P
H&M is like combination of Pull&Bear and Topman ke ke.. The price is same as quiksilver but the designs is more..
Many shops like Uniqlo, SPAO and others has only jackets and those bubbles and sweaters
since its winter there ~ but H&M doesnt follow the seasons! It has summer wears which is what i was looking for ~ thats why i like it :)

Kuikuikui ~ Thanks Kak Hana for bringing us there!
She even brought us to eat Ttukbokki ! seaweed wrap! It was deliciousss ~ :)

lets move on! picture ! ! !

O Ya.. i forgot.. we mostly took videos but here are some pictures ke.. ke..
Lets go that Way!
Here? hhmmmmpphh...
With the Hat aunty! in the Hat shop :)
2 perverts in the Ttukbokki shop! :D ke.. ke..
That is Hana with my brother infront of our Guesthouse
the day before we went back to Malaysia ~

Dec 13, 2010


Thank you Daily Kpop News for reviewing my albums ~
^^ Ke.. Ke..

Update 14th December 2010
Thank you for your comments! :)

Dec 12, 2010


Things that i bought at the concert! Ke.. Ke..
G-Dragon_First Live Album_Shine A Light
SE7EN_First Mini Album_Digital Bounce - Sign by him :)
Taeyang_First Album_Solar - Sign by him :P
PSY _Fifth Album_PSYFIVE - Sign by him :O
2NE1_First Album_To Anyone - Sign by CL the baddest female 
BIGBANG_2010 Live Bigshow Concert DVD
Gummy_Mini Album_Loveless
From Top Left:
 2011 YG Life Diary, 2NE1 Light stick, Bigbang Light stick, 2NE1 Poster,
2011 YG Life Wall Calendar, Bigbang Bandana,
 2NE1 Jacket (They wore on Clap Your Hands Live Performance)
Second/Third Row Left:
Psy CD, Gummy CD, 2NE1 CD, G-Dragon CD, Taeyang CD, SE7EN CD,
2NE1 Blinking Light stick,
 Bigbang 2010 BigShow Concert DVD, 2011 YG Life Table Calendar,
Crown Head, 2NE1 Mug, YG Family Towel, Dara Fan, Minzy Fan 

Heard them all ~ I Like Gummy :)

Dec 10, 2010

Life In A Refrigerator

Hello :)

I came back from Seoul yesterday morning!
Alhamdulillah so far, i am safe from the NK attacks..
It is nothing seriously! It is safe! The reporters/news people just had to make the news into something big!
I had fun, I enjoyed all of it.. since the day i landed there and the last bit of my step at the airport yesterday!

The people is seriously nice! No thief, No rude people..
They also respect each other, I cant describe it because its everywhere..
Yeah enough of my bragging! Lets start with a story ya?
Im with Noh Hujan. Pfft.. :P
In the car! Already transform!
Dont know why with my steamed-face sister :P
At the waiting room Gate 18
Depart from LCCT by AirAsia X on 29th November 2010. 2pm
The seat was slightly narrow but hey! its a low-cost flight anyway! the stewardess is okay.. some had this b*tchy faces but mostly are nice.. and their English is sorta Manglish.. you know.. we add "lah" at the end of every sentence.. Its the freakin annoying 6hours time of my life ever...
You know how bored to sit in the same "narrow" chair without any entertainment..
Yes you can sleep! but the lights did not dim and its in the afternoon!

Can you see? It was raining heavily! And it was windy..
Thats our plane by the way :)
The moment we step out of the terminal, we are soak!
Finally! We left Malaysia..
Thank God we got the HOT SEATS!
It is 20% more space than normal seats..
but the seating space is slightly narrow ~
and i dont think you can see this but, my pants and my shoes is soaking wet! still ~
Sunset ~ around 6pm
We landed at Incheon Airport at 930pm
The moment Korean air hostess open the big door, I ran outside with this happiness smile..
But, the air breeze flow through me is fuggin cold.. its like something is poking my skin but its cold..
too cold! My room is only 16 degree celsius, Seoul is 1 degree celsius..
My mind was too blank that time to think of anything to cover my legs because i was wearing short pants at that time..
Infact! I was the only one who wore it.. Genius huh?
I ran because i know the immigration thingy took some time..
and man.. it took bout an hour..

Aunty Joy(My Korean Mum) picked me up at the airport at 11pm
very sincere right? we waited for her bout 30minutes after immigration..
with no signals in our phones to text or calls and we also dont have Aunty Joy's number..
We forgot.. So to cut things short, we have nothing..
So we wait.. then we saw her running toward us..
She said she waits for us at the Arrival Gate A.
Were at the Arrival Gate B.
How should i know? Its the only gate that opened that night!

Then met with Uncle Ali(Our Korean Dad),
He drove from airport to the guesthouse. It tooks about 1hour and 30minutes.
I had headache maybe jet lag? So i slept in the car..
O Ya! Most everyone in Korea has a navigator in their cars~
The navigator can watch TV!
Surprisingly in every taxi also has one! Buses and subway trains tooooo!!
Incredible right!! Malaysia Oh Malaysia..
Then arrive at the guesthouse around 12am..
We had light and soupy dinner ~ It was ramion (In Malaysia it is known as maggi mee)
quite delicious ~ the noodle itself is yummy and thick..
Ramion with side dishes - Kimchi and Seaweed
I brush my teeth and put skin care products and sleep sleep sleep!!
Somehow or why? I woke at 5am with my brother.. Then we record a video with night mode on around the guesthouse.. Then he goes out smoking in the freezing cold air, it was 5am! What could you expect?
Malaysias' 24 degree? NO! Its -1 at night! morning? sorry it was dark :)

Then we slept and woke up at 10am.. we had breakfast before we went out into our adventurous first day in seoul ~~
For breakfast, we have it simple!
It was Bread + Spread of jam + Egg + Serunding(Shredded Beef)
Plus side dishes! - Kimchi , Seaweed and Tofu Soup
I know it is simple but it is so delicious! Worth of trying!
For the soup, i have no idea how to make it.. ask google :)

Later that noon, Uncle Ali brought us around the neighbourhood.. just to know the name of some shops near our guesthouse so we wont get lost.. 
Unfortunately we did get lost on the Second day.
Ke Ke Ke...
Then he showed us the way to the nearest subway..
Man.. it was farrrrr!!!
The distance is 600m, Is like walking from KLCC to Pavillion.
Mana orang sini tak kurus?.. Kita ni Lazy Asses ~

It was far.. We had no choice.. The subway is the easiest public transportation to go anywhere!
It has 14 Lines of trains with different colour for easy to refer if your lost or something..
One Line has more than 20 stations.. Yes! You can barely go anywhere you want to..

Mine was Line 2 (green colour) - Yeoksam Station
To transfer, You had to walk 100m from One Line to another..
Sometimes its just only a floor away, you have to take the escalators some stations only had stairs..
Doesnt cost any money to transfer which is goood!
From Star LRT to Putra at Masjid Jamek it pays to transfer you know..
Malaysia Oh Malaysia..

Most of the people use Touch N Go!, in korea they called T-Money.
Every people uses that card! they even had this application in phone called T
where you can use your phone as a scanner to go in subway..
Oh My God, use a phone as a touch n go?? So incredible !
I am shocked at their soon-to-be futuristic country :P

Uncle Ali brought us to this noodle shop! for KRW6,000 (RM18)
Its a vegetable noodle soup with side dishes - Kimchi and rice
Its big!! The side dishes, you can ask for more!
Then we went sightseeing, not my thang.. but since Uncle Ali paid for it, we had to go..
I mean what else should i do? Stay in guesthouse??
Its okay.. I had fun vandalism the place by writing my name on the wall, table, tree..
It was fun! Oh thank god i brought that pilot marker with me! :)
See how boring it was.. old stones.. history stuff..
That stones turning me into one of em, look im the smaller version..
Namsan rocks? :)
In a restaurant table :P
I dont know why i brought it.. Originally, I thought that if i bump with an artist, I could ask them to sign the album or something but it turns out that i used it for vandalism..
Kinda bad thing to do but it left sweet memories.. :)

In Insadong, we found those places where Super Junior and Girls Generation play running in their SEOUL music video!
Somewhere in Insadong.
UglyDoll! Its weird and funky doll :O
My bro bought the red one.. and had the urge to snap with the salesgirl.. duhh
Then we went shopping in Myeondong! It was heaven..
Its not a shopping mall! Its like a long walkaway streets with Branded shops on your left and right!
At 6pm its already dawn, the Non-Branded shops like those petaling streets stalls starts to opened right in the middle of the walkaway..

We also went to Nagwon Arcade its a heaven for my brother since its a place where they sell musical instruments at a lower and cheaper price..
He bought a Majest Relic guitar cost almost RM 2k

Ahh.. one more thing, i dont know why people said FOOD is big problem in Korea!
I mean, If your religion doesnt allow you to eat pork/beef, dont eat it!
Its that simple! I mean, I dont eat pork, so, I eat seafood things like Crabs, Squids, Fish!
Its definitely Halal.. Whats the problem?? Its everywhere!
Scared that Beef is pork? or that Chicken is pork? they put bacon??
Dont be! Eat seafood and salad thats the safest way!
One more thing, they are famous for side dishes! I mean everywhere!
If your run out of side dishes you could ask for more!
Isnt that incredible? Yes its free of charge! The water also free of charge!
But its plain water of  course ~

There is this food called Ttukbokki (spicy rice cake) its everywhere!
You can eat it.. It was made from flour.. KRW 2,000 (RM6)
in a big plate! Can fit in 2 person.
And also they have this Fish look-a-like snack, they put red bean paste inside the Fish..
It taste yummy just only KRW3,000 (RM9)

Money, Easy! Just Throw away the triple 0 at the end and times 3!
Why? because example..
KRW 1,000
Throw away Triple 0 at the end = left 1
It is actually USD 1
USD 1 = convert MYR = times 3 = RM3
get it??

Conclusion, KRW 5,000 = RM15
KRW 10,000 = RM30
You get the idea right :)

And the reason i went to Korea is 5th December 2010
Its 2010 YG Family Concert!
Its because of this concert!!
I got my CD Album signed by the artist itself! :))

The Concert is Sunday!
On Saturday night around 8pm, I thought that if we went to the stadium,
we could recognize the place and whatever we can do in that morning..
so.. i thought that if i can go see the place, i could recognize the ticket box, merchandise booth..
the lines to enter the building ~
so, we went to the subway and get out in "Sports Complex" station,
it was so dark.. i mean, where's the people?
As you may not know, The concert is in 2days,
Saturday 7pm, Sunday 2pm & 7pm.

So i thought that, if there's no people around the stadium, where the F is the concert?
i went into this 7-Eleven look-a-like called GS25 and ask one of the workers there..
"Where is the concert?" - "Ermm.. he he..?" he replied..
"YG Concert.. Its tonight right.. where is it?" - "Err?? Thank you"
Im like.. Koreans! you need to start learning English gahhh!
Then i saw a guard house? its round so im like, it must be information centre?
Then ask him,"where is the concert?"
he said, "no concert.. no i call.."
What the? whats that suppose to mean?
Then he said,"there no concert here, this no concert okeh?"
Im like okay thank you..

Then i called Aunty Joy and asked her, is there any stadium besides sports complex?
She said the concert is at Olympic Park..
I was like.. "Oh.."
Went there by taxi, walk so far until it was 11pm..
Found almost 70 people lining.. yes i counted!
maybe for autograph?? most probably..
i mean its 11pm.. whatever, we finally found the stadium that we suppose to be standing tomorrow!
It was big, abit small then our "mistake" stadium.. ke ke..
but, we took pictures though ;)
Feel happy because thought that this was the stadium.. 
Feeling blurry since the place is empty! 
Shoud've known, this is a baseball stadium, but still can smell his butt stenchness~ 
Finally went to Olympic Park!
This is a Peace Sign i suppose? sorry not pro in history ~
Show starts at 2pm, went there at 11am
After went out of the taxi, we dont know where to go because the place is big..
its Olympic Park by the way.. its so crowded..
Its 11am and its crowded.. ~~"
Our Entrance Gate 2-1 (2NE1 ke ke..) Box 007

Many booth tent selling merchandise and i had to ask where to exchange my tickets
since i have the "print" out tickets..
She said,"wat tiket-te? no tiket-te here.."
I guess its hard to communicate in English here yoww..
Then one of her senior can speak 20% so she brought us to this "Happy Box" counter
we had to line up to exchange our tickets..
Print Out Tickets
Then after giving the man our print-out paper, he said, "ticket cancel.."
I was so dumbfounded and nearly had a blackout.. but i cant accept the truth and asked again,
"why is it cancel?, can you tell me what happen? Our Aunty bought it online"
The man is somewhere 30+ said,"ticket.. no.. cancel.. ticket no.."
Is there anyway i can understood what he is trying to say? I just wanna know why our tickets being canceled! Then i called Aunty Joy because she bough the ticket..
And she rejected my call and text me, "Izhar.. Kenapa? Call you back in 5mins, Now in church"
Great.. now is almost 12 noon and dont have any tickets.. show starts at 2 and people starts to went in the concert hall.. I am depressed..
In the freezing cold ~ I am sweating.. duhh..
Stressed for 8 minutes..
playful for 8 minutes..
Thank god she called back in 8mins! I ask the man in counter to talk with my Aunty so they can communicate in Korean ~
And my Aunty said that you have to pay KRW 176,000
Originally, we already paid for it, but we had to pay again..
2 VIP tickets
We had no choice but pay for it.. I mean the reason i came here is to watch the concert
Then he gave me the tickets ~ Felt so relieved after 1hour and 30mins depressed moment
Then it was 12:30pm, I hurriedly went to all booth to buy whatever they are selling..
kekeke.. My money vanished like in seconds ~
Bought lightsticks, 8 albums and jackets they wore in music videos, mug, posters, those picture fans..
also bought vandana and other "fans need to have in concert" stuff.. ke ke..

Then ran to Gate 2-1 (Coincidentally, its like 2NE1) 
I searched for my standing lines to enter the building, i cant find it, so i asked one of the security guard there.. he said "oh.. here here.."
my line is currently entering the building so, i was definitely need to walk abit faster before they closed down the gate...
then it was 1pm.. 1hour more to go.. im already in my standing box..
The box is 30% filled with Koreans and Japanese!
Later at 1:50pm, the box is 70% filled with Japanese and Koreans still..
Cant find any Malays or Chinese but shockingly found an African, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippines and Europeans..
then 2pm sharp! the lights went off and people starts to scream!

The show then starts with
2NE1 - Fire, Go Away, a little talk and I Dont Care
Followed by
SE7EN - Better Together, Passion , La La La
Gummy - Saranghae, Loveless, Im Sorry
BigBang - Gara Gara Go, Lies, Hallelujah
Psy - Right Now and 2 songs i forgot..
2NE1 - Cant Nobody, Clap Your Hands
BigBang & 2NE1 - Lollipop
SE7EN - Im Going Crazy
Gummy - As A Man
2NE1 - It Hurts
And then some collaboration and solos and new songs
Then its the end, they sang We Are The World
Then last speech before they went in ~

The security was tight there.. The rules is no video camera are allowed to brought into the concert hall
The rules was in Korean. How should i know?
My bro did some recording.. Thank God he stopp!
because the moment he stop, one of the security guard pulled a girl trying to record a video of the performance.. and kick her out of the hall..
she was crying, i know how she felt because it was 3pm, only an hour after the show starts..
she did missed alot of performance.. such a waste of paying KRW 88,000 right?
after concert at 5:30pm
After standing for 4 hours straight ~ it finally reach the end of the show!
It was worth of chaotic morning and standing!
I saw all the YG artist like 5m near! :)
They even look at the audience of course!
but i could feel that CL (Leader of 2NE1) look at me for 5 seconds :D
and when ending, they sang We Are The World, Bom saw me and laugh since im the only one that hold 2NE1 lightstick since every girls around me hold the Bigbang Yellow lightstick..
Thank you Bom for waving! :D

Overall, im happy with 2NE1 performances ~
And im starting to like Gummy! her voice blow away my mind ~
Others i let other girls like you guys :P

Ke ke ke.. thank you mom and dad! :)

The International Arrival Gate LCCT :)
Its my first time writing this long ~ Yea.. since i deleted my FB 2months ago ~
Thank you for reading my journey in Seoul, Korea.
I probably wasted your time now :) Byeee ~

Dec 8, 2010

Im Baaacckk

Yes! I am back.
From where? Sshh no need to know :)

Here is a little taste of sneak peeks!
Will reveal the full video maybe in late December.
Its quite alot of videos and im not an editor so... give me a moment..

Ke.. Ke.. Ke.. :)

Nov 28, 2010

No Talent

Seriously i was reading forums.. its was fun :)
you can search forum lowyat at google.

coming from no where, my brother took my mom's camera and stand beside me..
i thought he was checking the battery of the digital camera or viewing the pics,
instead of checking, he snap a pic of me..
zzz! yeah ze ze ze!

It was 4am and im 30% awake
I was reading this one..

Believe it or not, i read everything!
from page 1 to page 115
i know i know.. such an inappropriate  way to waste 3 hours of time :)

Hey want to win something? 
Guess what's my background picture! on laptop..
I know its tough! But the prize is quite reasonable :)

Comments here or chatbox! :)

Clue : YGE


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