Dec 2, 2009

What Forest What

This is another cool way to called a waiter or waitress
only at bubba gump.
So cool.
This board happen to be on every table in the restaurant.
Including Salt n Pepper with stack of plates and various sauce.
Turn it from blue to red,then a waiter come to u.

Funny thing is that when they (waiter/waitress) see this board,
they actually yell "STOP FORREST STOP" and evry waiter/waitress
stop what they are doing and look around to see this board.

Work as a Team aye?. So classic. ;D


Nick..E...S... said...

u always find cool stuff.. where u go laa..

.::RoyaL::. said...

EXPLore things !!!!!
and PLACES tht u hv never been to.


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