Dec 24, 2009

PMR Result Day

Okay last nite i went out with my sis.
We watch AVATAR in 3D
the movie was COOL i really like it!!
the seat is comfortable..of coz its GSC Signature at Gardens
went back home at 4am. Then sleep bcoz tomorrow is result day!
wee hee..!!

Then The Reality Starts

I woke up at 6am. I feel this is too early..
so i go back sleep. Then i woke up and its 11am :O ~
The Results is out at 10am.
Im like.. "Woah! im freakin late!"
Then when im all done getting ready,ive waited my mom for 30minutes..
But it turned out that,my mom was watching TV -.-"
what a waste of 30mins. but its okay! ;D

Okay then arrived school at 12:15pm.
My heart is beating so fast.. i just cant take it.. so i walk faster hehe..
then i passed this guy,i heard he says
"Mom i got C for Geography,Im hopping I got A"
I was thinking "OMG! is it because the grade hv change?"
My heart beat sounds like this "dup-dap-dup-dap"

When I reached my form teacher..
She searched for my file.. and when she got it,her facial expression was really shocked!
Im like "is it so bad?"
Then she said "IZHAR!! why 3D's ?? and it included maths"
I was like "omg. thats bad !!!"
And then something come to my mind saying that
"is it because i went seeing avatar in 3D last nite?"
Then she started to laugh.
(BTW,My form teacher taught maths. She's indian)
The sound of the laughing is "hik-hi-hik-hik"
i was like "did she hv hiccup problems or a funky laugh?"
Then she said "before i gv u this file,u hv to sign this"
I signed and took the file.
Then she said " Congrats"

I was so so so so so relieved when i saw the results.
its was 3A's and 5B's
Damn... that teacher sure can act ! Fo'Sho' (for sure) :D
I mean my results is quite average.. not too high not too low..
I was aiming for 4a4b bcoz its even and fair :D
but its okay.. a nice try for PMR! for SPM ill do my best!
with less online!,more reading books and revising!

Oh yea. I cant believe that my neighbour,my ex best friend that move to Perak,my classmates,my next door class mates,my tuition friend
they got 6A's,i mean its majority ~
im okay with it :)

Another sad thing is that,next year the 6A's student/My best friend in school
will leave.. some will go MRSM,some will go to victoria instituition.
im not going anywhere.

Once A Johannian,Always A Johannian. Fide Et Labore!

p/s : next 2 year = SPM. I'll do my best!! till then. :)

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