Dec 20, 2009

Christmas Present

i know this is abit early to get my Christmas present..
but i dont celebrate Christmas,so.. its okay for me! ;D
yea.. and it happen so fast. I was asking my mom..
Ma,can i hv an iPod ?
she replied.. Okay! lets go buy later ~
I was like "screaming OMG" in my head ~ haha..
when we went to the Apple Store, my mom asked me..
"Eh,taknak Macbook ka?",im like.. owh thats a good idea too..
then she saw the Macbook Air. she said "Kalau nk ambik,ambik yg ni."
huhu ~ But my heart is more to Macbook Pro :D
Then i've decided to buy an iPod Touch !
I said "Okay,Izhar beli ni dulu,nanti kita mai lagi beli Macbook"
She said,"fine".. hehe..

Yea.. with Christmas Promo, They gave me :
-iPod Skins
-Charger Adapter(its more easy)
-Screen Protector

erm,its okay right ? i mean,if they didnt made the promo
i will hv :
-Cable for laptop
-Cloth (for screen)
-Manual book

and i got the 32GB ;D
More Apps More FUN! ;D

Macbook Pro! im coming soon to get ya ;D

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