Dec 1, 2009

Big Waste

So 7 days ago,my bro make a deal with me to do some activity..
which is jogging.. im on my school holiday so it will be great for me to do something besides online 24/7
my bro's practical is currently over! which makes him free to do things..
which is more easier for us to hv a jog time..
So i bought a jogging shoe for RM50.

Big probs is that his promise...well.. duh!..
will never be granted..

We both sleeps at 2am. for sure!! but I know my aunt can wake me at 6.30am
(bcoz its the time for school,i know i will be awake)
Huge problem is for my bro! SO F*KIN hard to wake up!
all he says is "aa.." then he sleeps back.

So...its been a week since the deal. Im kinda dissapointed.
NOT to him! but to my money that i waste for a jog shoe.
It kinda make me think how so stupid i am to make this deal that will never work out.
But its my brother.
That's what make me to believe that this thing will happen.

How to solve?. Nothing will do.
Its such a sad for me to see RM50 flew so quickly.

Enough said.

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