Nov 1, 2009

Inglorious What

So the past few weeks, my sis said
"izhar! kena tgk cita inglorious basterd!, bes gila"
"uhhuh..okay..",i replied.
so just now we(me and my bro and a friend) go to watch the movie..
the movie starts at 12am since it was a midnight show..
it ends at 2:50am. Guess what? the COOL part starts at 2:30am
what a FREAKIN! waste of time watching this..
i know it was a Quentin Tarantino's movie,but..still..
seriously.. it was so dam bad! alot of talking.. the cool part starts at the ending?
i mean.. c'mon...!! and my sis said "it was SERIOUSLY COOLEST movie ever"
hurph.. if u dont believe me,go and watch :P
i mean like.. "hey u! gv my money back!" haha :P
okay.. rating on the movie - 2/10
rating on the action part/cool part - 5/10

p/s: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball is wayy wayy wayy better than this movie.
seriously! im not kidding,i know it is a cartoon but,still... it has more comedy
and funny stuff in it. You should watch this cartoon. A MUST! :)


kakak said...

u r not old enough to understand about the fuhrer and all the shitznick thatcomes with it.... learn about hitler... then u will get the story :) - love, kakak-

.::RoyaL::. said...

dahla kakak.
but true story is the valkyrie tu.
inglorious ni fiction jerla.
hitler mati bcoz of dia makan pill poison.
dan dia mati dgn wife in the 2nd day of their marriage.
kakak tau? or tak?
izhar dah buat research la.
tapi machete lagi best dari inglorious ni.


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