Sep 17, 2009


okay.. it was school holiday and nothing to do!
my mom's friend " aunty ida" set me up in this one survey
i said "okay" but she want me to hv a pair~
so i called and called~ i got Adlan(school friend)
then when aunty ida said it is due tomorrow, Adlan cant make it
the i started to call and call~ so i got Nicholas! (classmates)
so he say "fine,ok"
so we go to this one place near KL sentral~
and do survey bout children's channel :
after 3 hours we get a so called "reward"..
and let the pic do the talk :D

wondering wht it is..opening~ i see something!!!! (of coz..daaa~)im like : OH MY GOD !and then im like : DOUBLE OH MY GOD !

p/s: sry for the long nail,forgot to cut ;D

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