Sep 25, 2009

Raya 2009

okay! its officially RAYA DAY !
and i hv lots of fun and lots of "duit raya"
ngee hehehe ;D
so this is some perefect pics tht my bro takes~

Raya with Family!
Raya with Couzins!Raya with Nieces (in red)Raya with Couzin - Kak HaneemRaya with The Closest Couzin - Kak Aliaa

There's more ! but i cant post so many pic on blog~
u can check out on my myspace and facebook!
add me -
Raya Day was freakin fun! i didnt manage to do crazy stuff..
bcoz its like a "good" day for us thinking crazy stuff another day la~
hurmm manage to get like RM 500++ and more and more~
wanted to buy PS3 games or Apple iPod or Automatic Gate System
which one eh? lols...
till then~ cant wait for next year!


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