Sep 25, 2009

Couzins Night Out

2nd day of raya, my couzins wanted to go shopping~
so we went to BB's quicksilver (sale 50% then additional 50% more)
what could be done if tht price is RM760 to RM170
buy it of course...
sad to hear that BB's quicksilver is going to close for good!
they want to make Pavilion's quicksilver the Main Store in msia
its fine! later at night we went to The Curve to eat at TGI's
let the pic do the talk :P

we looked like S'porean tourist :Phaha~ with Kak Haneemwith Kak Eerai like this photo!as a traditional~ we hv to do something crazy ;D
kak haneem's bite was funny! haha~

Anyway,we hv yummy dinner
and so much fun that nite playing UNO !
our UNO's rules is abit different which makes more fun!
and CHEAT! ohh we love to play CHEAT!
till then~ looking forward to paly again with my couz form ipoh!


Raya 2009

okay! its officially RAYA DAY !
and i hv lots of fun and lots of "duit raya"
ngee hehehe ;D
so this is some perefect pics tht my bro takes~

Raya with Family!
Raya with Couzins!Raya with Nieces (in red)Raya with Couzin - Kak HaneemRaya with The Closest Couzin - Kak Aliaa

There's more ! but i cant post so many pic on blog~
u can check out on my myspace and facebook!
add me -
Raya Day was freakin fun! i didnt manage to do crazy stuff..
bcoz its like a "good" day for us thinking crazy stuff another day la~
hurmm manage to get like RM 500++ and more and more~
wanted to buy PS3 games or Apple iPod or Automatic Gate System
which one eh? lols...
till then~ cant wait for next year!


Sep 20, 2009

Weird - Raya Edition

okay.. yay raya! got money and get to meet so many relatives~
which is fun fun!! take so many picture~
got 3 camera and each has 380 pic ;D
and this is what my couz done..

1st.Upload her pic with me on facebook!2nd. Tell her friends that this is her BF! (which is me)

3rd. The funny part starts... i cant tell but u can see the comments~4th. I laugh like hell.

p/s : sry for not showing raya pic, its just that i cant!
the laptop having probs reading the so so many images i think..
tomorrow ill gv it a try to upload raya pics on fb and ms
and some of the funny/amazing i will post it in "So What"

Wishing all muslims : Selamat Hari Raya!

Sep 17, 2009


okay.. it was school holiday and nothing to do!
my mom's friend " aunty ida" set me up in this one survey
i said "okay" but she want me to hv a pair~
so i called and called~ i got Adlan(school friend)
then when aunty ida said it is due tomorrow, Adlan cant make it
the i started to call and call~ so i got Nicholas! (classmates)
so he say "fine,ok"
so we go to this one place near KL sentral~
and do survey bout children's channel :
after 3 hours we get a so called "reward"..
and let the pic do the talk :D

wondering wht it is..opening~ i see something!!!! (of coz..daaa~)im like : OH MY GOD !and then im like : DOUBLE OH MY GOD !

p/s: sry for the long nail,forgot to cut ;D

MidValley's Monster Invasion

so i was like "Lets take a pic with this freaky gooey thing!" "Screaming Green Monster"
"Blue One-Eyed Peas"I think this one is sick. I know rite,the H1N1 and carious flu~
Im gonna named it "Sick Lilly"


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