Aug 5, 2009


Retardation is a sub-title in Form 3's Math text book in Chapter 14 if im not mistaken..
btw,it doesnt hv to do anything with what am i going to share with you guys today..
so im thinking what can make people/me retarded ?
Im so crazy and stuff and i hv some experiments done :)

1. If you work at 7eleven,u gotta be a lil bit retarded bcoz of the advert.
nowadays,many 7eleven branches hv a television at the counter and the big screen
they hang at the cigarette section there. Generally to promotes advert~
but everytime i go to 7e,i mean evrytime.. near my house,tuition centre,friends house..
hv this 1 advert which is the power root (saya nk jadi jutawan) adv..
its kinda funny bcoz the advert keep repeating and repeating till the workers there said
"aku pun nk jd jutawan" haha,must be retarded working there 24/7 and listening to the repeating adverts..

2. Ok now for those who listen to malay radio channels like Era or Hot or Fresh FM
Bulan puasa is coming and there might be this "kurma" advert.
ok, goes like this :)

Keenakan buah kurma dari timur tengah
(Yusuf Taiyoob)
Kelazatan buah kurma yg dipetik dr arab ??
(Yusuf Taiyoob)
Dengan keluaran Safira.Yuna,Wasini,(and sumthing i forgot)
(Yusuf Taiyoob)
Jadikanlah ramadhan anda dgn kurma Yusuf Taiyoob
(Yusuf Taiyoob)

does whispering words.. haha so funny!!

3. Another one is the newest one i think,the Astro advert on TV
that kakak at TV say "banyak pelancong asing yg dtg di pasar ni",
"akak pun boleh cakap bahasa inggeris, what are you looking for?
haha.. my sis said that she imagine doin that at public..
it was kinda funny.. example,u go to the McD's drive-thru and at the machine
the guy/gal said : can i take ur other?
we : can i hv 1 SALTED FISH !

or u go to ur fav shop (example u go in Quiksilver)
the guy/gal : what are you looking for?

hahaha.. it was funny though if we speak thru mouth more than typing~

im not to be rude,but it's the way that i see it coming..
is like its my point of view/listening..
sry for those who thinks that this is bad or something..

hurm,im so bored + crazy = as usual~

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