Aug 25, 2009

Old Stuff

So i went to this store called "Hero"
new store maybe? a "Giant" copy store?
ok whatever that is.. just look what i found !!

1.Sabun Kapak
this "sabun" is used for washing the dirty dishes~ its so old and classy! haha..
wondering who will buy these old things eh?
and the KAPAK family has renewed its product with this..
yupp.. its the "Minyak Cap Kapak" !!!!! hahahah.. use for headache and sneeze probs

2.Labour Laundry Soap
looks so old alrite, its for washing our clothes! and what old people used?
yup soap! made by natural things like vegetable oil~
next time try the corn oil Mazola! hahaahha :P
look what LABOUR family has renewed its product to become a dishwasher liquidLOL!! till then ;)


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.::RoyaL::. said...

huhu making experiments ;D


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