Aug 2, 2009

A Journey In Sunway Pyramid

So,after my sis auditioning for The Biggest Loser Asia.
we went to Sunway Pyramid,just hangin out~
we went to this place called "Asian Avenue" which is many many
fake and funky stuff~ which is anoyying but cool~
u know what i mean.. it's like a Chinatown in Damansara?.
so it was like 10.40pm? and all shop had closed down and
the FUN had just started!!..
we go in and snap some pic with poses and all... it was fascinating :P
we can say "The Time Of Happiness" ? i dont know..
okay..let the pic do the talk~
wee hee..i arrive~(when i put my finger at it,the bulb shines ;P)let's make some japanese ice cream~omg,its megan moxxyah.. im showing off my arms~
happy memories with my fellow colleagues :P
see..he look so happy when i "garu" his chin :)
hey guys,look what i found.. it's my blog :P,and i need to reach it !to reach,i need to climb and singing The Climb by Miley Cyrusunfortunately,i cant. It's so high..(get it?)it says Free Style,so im thinking Ultraman Tiga.

-RETARDing SECTION-ooooooo...she say that im the food. she broke my heart
feel ur skin and say aah..The Pink _ _ _ _ _they sell Fish,Food,Finger,Fork(anything starts with 'F')
ROMPA - New Shop Open !This is the picture in your chewing gum paper~Make sure,if you go shopping,
Bring Your Own Bag
to Save our Planet from Global Waming..
this advice brought to you by Izhar CJ

captured by - Kamelia
editing and posting - Izhar Photography
Model - Izhar CJ
Camera used - Fujifilm F100
Location - Sunway Pyramid

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